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Wonderful Plant For Perfect Treatment Of Dreaded Diseases

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Botanical name : Sida Acuta

Isekotu in Yoruba language.
For bacteria in the body system,severe waist pain, ankle pain,lower abdominal pain during menses, hormonal imbalance,irregular menses,watery sperm and quick ejaculation.
This dreaded disease refer as rheumatoid arthritis which normally develop symptoms like; deformation, joint pain, swollen ankle, and general inflammation of body.

In fact doctors and scientists have not figured out the real cause of this disease, but it is believe to be caused by polluted environment, smoking, life style, and genetic factors., even though our body normally form antibodies that fight virus and diseases.

It is a specialist in decreasing life expectancy, which have left many on the wheelchair and cause some people to look older and subjected to early death.

Today in Africa, a lot of people who often experience deformation and have their swollen ankle left with punch-hole, often keep malice with their suspected family members and neighbors as an architect to their problem, due to ignorant and mental slavery.

Here is a wonderful plant that God has deposited to help us in perfect treatment of this dreaded disease, but it required to work only if you reserve the rule and perfect preparation.

This plant is to be harvest early morning hour of 6:00 am dot before before the sunset, if not it won’t perform, and must be kept in cool in cool or wet place if you aren’t ready for immediate preparation.

Get 2 big balls of white onions ready, harvest three handful of this plant and wash it with water and salt.

Then cut in pieces and pour 4 liters of fresh water in a pot, cut the two balls of white onions and spray it on the top.

Boil it for maximun of 15 minute and filter the water for your healing. drink a glass for morning and night to testify of goodness of God!

👉general weakness: boil only the leaf and drink one glassful thrice daily
👉kidney problem: fill a medium size pot with the root and water. Bring to boil. Half glass twice daily
👉insomnia: add almond and bamboo leaves to sida acuta leaf with it. Bring to boil one glass full twice daily


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