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Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS


Technology has come a long way from the time when artificial intelligence (AI) was reserved for works of fiction. Now, AI is not only being extensively researched and developed, but you can also learn about it through artificial intelligence courses. The education sector is benefitting from a number of AI applications that are changing how most schools and other educational institutions operate. AI is the next big thing in the technological field, and a lot of developers are now coming up with new applications with optimized features that can augment the user experience. If you’re curious about what AI can do for you, here is a list of the top 7 AI apps for Android and iOS that can make your life simpler.

  • Knowmail:

 For those who find it difficult to sift through the barrage of everyday emails in their inbox, Knowmail’s AI-powered algorithms can make your job easier. Knowmail works on a learning algorithm that observes your behavior, preferences, and email communication habits to present you with the most urgent emails that need immediate action. A must-have app for people who are too busy to spend hours in sorting their mail inbox, Knowmail is available for free on both Android and iOS.

  • EasilyDo:

Have you ever fancied an assistant who could take care of mundane things? If the answer to that question is yes, then EasilyDo is the solution to your need. Recommended on NBC’s Today Show by Randi Zuckerberg, this award-winning app acts as a virtual assistant that helps you in managing your to-do lists, contacts, and calendar by syncing with your Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Evernote. Still not convinced? With AI algorithms that observe user preferences and interactions, EasilyDo creates a digital board of all your tasks. EasyDo goes a step ahead and gives you weather forecasts and checks the traffic before you need to step out for an errand or a meeting, sets a reminder for bills to be paid, identifies emails that need to be responded to, and also adds flights to your calendar while notifying you of delays and cancellations. This app also creates a digital boarding pass when it detects an online check-in confirmation mail in the EasyDo feed. Available on iOS and Android, while most of the features of EasilyDo are free, the access to full range of its extensive features start at $5 a month.

  • ELSA Speak: 

For non-English speakers, learning the language has never been easy. English Learning Speech Assistant, or ELSA Speak, is an English language learning app that allows its users to learn the English language without the need of spending money on formal classes and training. This app comes powered with an AI pronunciation tutor that helps its users with over 2,000 popular English words. Sporting over 800,000 downloads, ELSA has been known to improve pronunciation score by 40% in 4 weeks. ELSA comes with different curriculum options that can be opted for based on user preferences. It also gives feedback on how the user can enunciate their words in case of mispronunciation. Users can track their progress and can practice difficult words that they’ve faced problems with before. ELSA is available free of cost on both iOS and Android.

  • Google Allo:

This AI-powered messaging app does more than helping you look cool with its texting services. Google Allo allows you to perform actions using voice commands and offers a wide variety of features like helping you find nearby restaurants, share videos with friends, answering questions, adding events to the calendar, finding videos, etc. Its most distinctive feature is Smart Reply that learns user behavior and suggests responses to texts and photos, in their very own texting style. This voice to text app also offers standard image editing features that allow users to get creative with doodles. Google Allo also offers certain chat features like end-to-end encryption, private notifications for discretion, and control over how long messages stick around for expiring chats.

  • Socratic:

A popular AI app sporting more than a million installations, Socratic is a virtual homework helper for Math and subjects like English Grammar, History, Economics, Chemistry, and Biology. This nifty app gives answers to math equations, and if you take a picture of a math problem, it will tell you how to solve it as well. Socratic uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the homework problems and then responds with explanations along with videos giving step-by-step solutions. The app’s AI uses computer vision technology which reads questions from images and then uses machine learning algorithms to classify questions based on a sample data of homework questions.

  • Recent News:

 For those too busy to sift through the multitude of articles on their morning commute, Recent News is a news aggregation app which studies user’s reading habits to provide customized news and articles. This app uses AI to go a step ahead by suggesting users relevant articles and topics that they could follow based on their interests. The app also syncs your account with multiple devices and allows you to bookmark articles on your smartphone so that you can view them later on other devices. With an average rating of 4.2 on the App Store, Recent News also comes with a distinctive battery saver feature for reduced battery use and also preserves your phone’s battery by not doing any background activity. 

  • Microsoft Pix:

 Microsoft Pix is a one of its kind photo editing app that allows you to click high-quality photos with your smartphone. It captures ten frames with each click after which its unique AI algorithm picks the three best shots and deletes the rest. The ‘smart settings’ feature automatically checks scene and lighting between each shutter tap while also updating settings between each shot. It also customizes capture settings on its own when it detects a face in the shot to help you look your best. The AI in this app is tantamount to having your photos clicked by a professional photographer! So now you know what to do the next time you struggle with taking the perfect selfie for your Instagram feed.

It is evident that artificial intelligence is not reserved for the future, but is now a story of the present. With all the benefits that artificial intelligence based app have to offer, which ones are you going to get?

Benefits of Using Industrial Robots from Universal Robots


The Universal Robots line of industrial robots allows man and machine to work in the same environment without any of the two interfering with the others work. The collaborative robots work together without any possibilities of injuries or work redundancy. Universal Robots is a leader when it comes to a wide selection of industrial robots with the robots used mainly in machine tending, drilling, painting, packing, deburring, bin picking, assembly lines, material handling, loading, offloading, brake tending and dozens of more jobs. The robots are neat, fast and safe making them some of the most sought-after robots by many industries from all over the world.

What are the benefits of using industrial robots from Universal Robots?

·         Edge over Competition

By using the industrial robots from Universal Robots, you give your business an edge over competition with other industries. Considering that almost every company is now embracing technology, you need tools that will make you be on the same level or be better than the rest. Using industrial robots will set you apart.

·         Good quality products

Majority of the companies that use industrial robots are very dynamic and they rapidly change with the moving trends. To keep up with the tremendous changes, the industries need up to date automation for innovation. Universal Robots offers robotic arms with the trendiest technology that will optimise all the industries returns on their investment.

·         Top performance

Universal Robots offer industrial robots that give top performance in limited spaces. They can handle different tasks at a go without making any faults. They are agile, dynamic, compact and very cost effective. Whereas it would require a larger space for let’s say vehicle assembling if you are using humans, you would need a third of that space if you use industrial robots.

·         Cuts down on costs

Space is not the only area where industrial robots cut costs. There is a lot that goes into running a manufacturing firm. Things like overheads, running costs, production costs, marketing and many more. When you have industrial robots to take over the work, labour costs go down. There will be no need to hire more staff as the extra work and most of the work previously carried out by the humans can go over to the robots. This does not necessary mean laying out the staff members. They can be delegated to other lighter duties and leave the harder ones for the robots.

With the use of industrial robots, there is likely to be less downtime which costs manufacturers a lot of costs. Robots work 24/7 so there will not be unnecessary leaves as experienced by humans. Robots can work on more items in a day as compared to how much humans can do.

Other costs that go down are maintenance costs. Robots require very minimal maintenance requirements, unlike other machines. They rarely break down which saves companies money for maintenance.

·         Safety

To begin with, Universal Robots has some of the safest industrial robots in the market. They are safe to work alongside humans without any harm coming onto any of them. They can handle flying objects, burns, fumes and suffer no injuries. They also make good use of the spaces provided without causing any accidents at the workplace.

·         Increased returns on investments (ROI)

Any industry that wants to boost their production output, using industrial robots from Universal Robots will help them do so. Because the robots give better quality and very efficient products, the rejects become fewer and production stabilizes for longer periods. This offers the businesses maximum returns on investments.

·         Diversity

Industrial robots are very diverse and can perform different tasks. One robot can perform as many as five tasks. It can carry out unloading, loading, packaging labeling and so on. In the car manufacturing industries, one robot can polish, paint, load, unload, and carry out different handling activities. They are very responsible and carry out all the tasks with minimal human intervention or supervision.


If you are looking for the best industrial robots that need no safety fencing, that is comprehensively safe and that can carry out their tasks responsively, then you must get the industrial robots from Universal Robots. Find out how robot-human collaboration works in the industrial manufacturing with the trendiest robots in the market.

Exploring the many benefits of smart gadgets


With advancement in technology, humans are able to live a more comfortable lifestyle. One of the most notable gadgets that have merged from the latest technologies is the smart home device. These devices are designed to improve safety, reduce energy usage and make it easier to control electronics and appliances from afar. After a few tweaks, manufacturers are now having difficulty keeping up with demand and it is no wonder why. Below, you will discover a few benefits of smart home gadgets.

Reduce Energy Usage

The thermostat is one of the most popular smart home devices available on the market. This device is designed to communicate with the homeowner’s mobile devices, like the iPhone and tablet. In fact, homeowners can now control their smart home thermostats from anywhere in the world via their smartphone. They can adjust the temperature setting, set up schedules for their HVAC unit to switch on/off and turn the unit on/off. These capabilities are contributed to the wireless protocols, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

The smart home thermostat is designed to reduce energy usage. Just the mere fact that the homeowner has full control over the unit also helps with this effort.

Increases Home Values

When homeowners choose to put their smart homes on the market, they should expect to receive some high offers. In fact, smart homes are going at an alarming rate, because they are in demand. If you purchased your home without smart home-enabled devices and later installed them, you could get a hefty profit on your property.

While smart home devices are still fairly expensive, this will soon change, as more and more companies join the market.

Improved Communication

In this day and age, it is pertinent to remain in contact with your friends, family members and coworkers. In the past, communicating with these individuals wouldn’t have been easy. Today, it is far easier than you could ever imagine and you have smart gadgets to thank. You can always use your smartphone to get in touch with these individuals. You can call them through conventional means or send them a text message or email. Truly, today’s best gadgets make communication so much easier and quicker.

Makes Troubleshooting Easier

Another thing to remember is that everyone is going to experience problems. Your vehicle will break down at some point. You may even have a leak in your plumbing system at home. Smart gadgets can help. When you’re having a computer or house issue, you may no longer need to wait for a tech to visit your home. They might be able to fix the problem remotely. This is often true for consumers who want to find duplicate files on Mac and remove them. The tech will be able to enter your system remotely and fix the problem without needing to visit your home.

Enhanced Safety With Smart Doorbells

When it comes to your home and your children there is nothing more important than safety. With the raised rate of burglaries and home invasions, it just seems like there aren’t any safe neighborhoods anymore. However, smart cameras and doorbells will not only provide you with the convenience that you need in certain situations, but they could just be that extra security measure that you are looking for. With instant notifications from anywhere in the world, you can literally see who is standing at you front door at all times. Along with this, you can speak to these individuals, allow them access to the home, or even snap their photograph and save it to your smartphone.

More Flexibility

Do you remember the days when you could only install a certain type of thermostat because you only had 5 wires? Well, those days are gone, as smart home gadgets are wonderfully flexible. This is even true when it comes to integrating with the other gadgets in your home. It doesn’t matter how advanced these new devices seem today, there are always going to be newer and more advanced models in the future. However, don’t let the increasing technology fool you, because these devices will integrate easier than you could imagine

5 tech services you should be using whilst travelling


When it comes to traveling, you may be looking to simply get off the grid and escape from the world for a while. But don’t underestimate the usefulness of certain tech services and products that’ll make your trip a whole lot easier – here are just five of them to consider.

 Google Maps

 There’s simply no way you can travel effectively without Google Maps in your pocket. It’s one of the most popular apps in the world, and for good reason – with coverage of almost every location possible, as well as features that allow you to find directions to local sites, supermarkets, restaurants and much more, it’s the perfect travel companion.

Best of all, the app is completely free, meaning you’ll save yourself from having to purchase those lengthy, confusing guides at the airport before you fly. Regardless of how remote your location may be, you’ll be surprised at just how accurate and helpful Google Maps can be whilst you travel. You can even save maps to use offline should you head off the beaten track, Condé Nast Traveler says.

 A local SIM card

 Want to stay in touch with family and friends whilst you travel? Purchasing a local SIM card for each destination you travel will save you a staggering amount of money as opposed to roaming – and with a combined 75% of people using phone calls and/or SMS messaging to contact those back home when they travel, as echoed by Ding, it’s definitely a worthy option.

Although the process of purchasing a SIM card is different in almost every country, it’ll be easy enough to do – and your wallet will thank you for it in the long run, especially if you’re someone who cannot be without their phone.

 Fitness Trackers

 You might be surprised at just how much exercise you’ll be inadvertently doing whilst you travel. With the amount of walking and traversing different countries you’ll be doing, it’s certainly worth investing in a fitness tracker to see just how much traveling has changed your body.

Be mindful of your diet and calorie intake – as well as how much water you’re drinking – and, combined with the exercise, you’ll find that your body will thank you for it. A fitness tracker will provide evidence of the results, effectively spurring you into continuing to work hard at your health.

 Bluetooth headphones

For those long journeys and tiring trips from A to B, you’ll probably need a soundtrack to keep you occupied and entertained. Bluetooth headphones are a great investment for an easy, wireless and quick way to fill your ears with music wherever you are, whether it be upon a plane or catch a bus to the next incredible destination.

They’re actually not as costly as you may be anticipating, either. With decent pairs of Bluetooth headphones retailing at £30 and less, you won’t have to splash out too much money to keep you occupied.

Power banks

 Don’t run the risk of being stranded without any power. Power banks are almost a necessity when it comes to traveling, especially when you’re away from any hotels or main power outlets and a dwindling battery on your devices. Whether it be for your phone, camera, laptop or any other gadget you’ve got, power banks will always be around to save the day should you need it.

Do you have any more recommendations for any tech a traveler should know about? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Tecno Camon CM officially announced


Launching its new mid-range Tecno Camon CM recently,  Tecno mobile officially embraces the hottest trend of 2017 by nixing the display bezels, but it resists the urge to throw in the dual camera setup. It has a 5.6-inch Full view Display with 720 x 1440 resolutions an 18:9 aspect ratio compared to the 5.5-inch 720p screen and the standard 16: 9 screen on the Camon CX. The fingerprint sensor, as well as the rear camera, maintains the same rear position.

The Tecno Camon CM features a 16MP camera with quad flash on the rear, while the front gets a similar 13MP sensor with front flash. The device, unfortunately, runs on Android Nougat 7 out of the box, with no mention of a possible upgrade to Android Oreo.

The device is powered by a MediaTek MT6737  quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.3GHz.  coupled with a 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage, expandable up to 128GB via microSD card slot. The device is also said to be available in 3GB RAM and 32GB storage variant, but that variant should be limited to the Middle East.

Powered by a 3200mAh battery with fast charge, the Camon CM supports dual SIM, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi direct and a USB type c port.

pricing and availability in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya are to be announced later.

Infinix Challenger! LEAGOO Enters Nigeria on Jumia


The mobile market in recent years has witnessed quite a few emerging phone makers entered the rising African market. One of them is LEAGOO Global, a Hong Kong-based leading export brand. Established in 2014, LEAGOO now has a presence in more than 40 countries globally. Recently LEAGOO has marked its entry into the booming African e-commerce market and launched its official online store on the largest local online retailer — Jumia. In collaboration with Jumia, LEAGOO plans to provide diversified smartphones with interesting specs to fit local users needs.

Infinix Mobile, the dominating smartphone brand in Africa, is still ruling the African smartphone market. But with a number of emerging phone brands like LEAGOO entering the market recently, local consumers can have a wider array of smartphones to choose from.

For Infinix, its business model in Africa combines both online shops and third-party physical retailers. LEAGOO, however, focuses on the e-commerce only, making available its devices on online platforms such as Jumia in Nigeria. The e-commerce sales strategy can help keep prices down by eliminating costs of operating bricks & mortar stores. Cutting out middlemen from the distribution chain has also reduced the threat of counterfeiting its products.


Regarding customer service, Infinix’s third-party service brand – Carlcare has recently caused a great number of customer complaints around the world, e.g. charging extra repair fees, long repair time (normally 15 working days) and even repair frauds! LEAGOO has also established its own global service brand – LEAGOO Care. But unlike Infinix, LEAGOO claims its local service centers can repair phones within much shorter time (normally 3-7 working days) and provide more professional customer experience because LEAGOO service centers are run by LEAGOO official, not a third-party agent.

Buy LEAGOO KIICAA Power (4000mAh budget killer) on Jumia:

LEAGOO targets young consumers aged between 18 to 35 who have rational consumptions and take customer support seriously. By providing them high-tech handsets with the most available budgets, LEAGOO appeals to the youth with features such as a long-lasting battery, big and high-resolution display screens, dual-SIM capacity, as well as a variety of colors to choose from. What’s more, with LEAGOO Care service support, customers can always have their LEAGOO phones repaired in a local place with fast and professional after-service experience.


By recent entry into the Nigerian e-commerce market on Jumia, LEAGOO clearly decides to challenge its Infinix counterpart upfront. With high specification devices at affordable prices and professional customer service system, will LEAGOO be a capable competitor to shake the foundation of Infinix in Africa? Let’s wait and see.

Jumia Black Friday deal : Looking for a good budget phone? Snap up the Infinix Note 4 for ₦ 46,990

The Infinix Note 4 was announced earlier this year as a successor to last year’s Note 3,  with a few refinements over the Note 3. The launch price was a reasonable ₦ 52,000 which looks a little too expensive for some guys, but now you can grab the device with ₦ 7000 off at just ₦ 46,990 on the ongoing Jumia Black Friday offers.

Infinix Note 4 Specs

  • Display: 5.7-inch FHD display
  • Processor: Octa-core 1.3GHz 64bits
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 32GB Expandable via MicroSD
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Rear Camera: 13MP
  • Battery: 4,500mAh with Xcharge 4.0
  • Software: Xos 2.3 based on Android 7.0

This deal is the cheapest we have seen on the Infinix Note 4 in recent times, it will, however, be available at that price for a limited time within the hour of 9 am – 9.30 am only on Jumia mobile app.

Get Infinix Note 4 on Jumia

Download the Jumia App for your phone

Jumia black Friday 2017: the best Infinix, Tecno and Fero deals revealed


Black Friday is here with us again, and much like every other retailer, Jumia Nigeria has announced the deals they’ll offer this year on the popular shopping day.

So If you have been watching out for some great deal on TVs, phones, consoles, or really any gadget on Jumia, the Jumia Black Friday season is the best time to get hold of such deals.

This year’s Black Friday deals will include up to 1 million deals, a lottery giveaway that includes a brand new car and roundtrip airline tickets to Europe over the course of 31 days. Unlike previous years, the Jumia 2017 black Friday deals will run from November 13th until December 13th. To ensure that Jumia brings its customers the best deals and widest assortment, the e-commerce giant has partnered with top brands including Intel, Pampers, Infinix, Phillips, Fero, HP, MTN, Coscharis and Air France-KLM.

We’ve sorted all of this year’s discounts from  Jumia and will be updating you with new deals as new they come in.

please note that most of Jumia’s Black Friday deals are “doorbusters” that will be available at a special discount price for a limited period. The best deals for 13th Nov are included here, but Jumia is also offering continuous deals throughout the day for those that will miss out on the best/ flash sales.

You can check out the deal page for the one month 2017 Jumia black Friday sales. Some deals are also exclusive to Jumia mobile app which you can download here.

For today 13th Nov, Jumia will be offering the following items on flash sales at exactly 12.30 am, 9.30 am and 12.30 pm respectively :

Check back here for later for Tuesday deals.

Upcoming Tecno AX8 Spotted on Geekbench with Mediatek Helio P25 (MT6757CD) SoC & 6GB of RAM


It appear Tecno Mobile is seriously working hard to further update its high-end portfolio of smartphones and this recent appearance of the Tecno AX8 on the database of Geekbench basically gives credence to that assertion .

According to  the Geekbench  listing, the Tecno AX8 will be powered by  Mediatek’s Helio P25 (MT6757CD) chipset, along with 6GB of RAM and will not boot 8.0 Oreo out of the box , but the dated Android 7.0 Nougat .


Tecno AX8

Read More: Tecno Phantom 7 & Tecno Phantom 7 Plus with Top range Specs is coming !

Recall that the Tecno Phantom 7 which is at present an upcoming member of Tecno Mobile’s most sophisticated family of Android phones had earlier appeared on GFXbench database some months ago , so  the Tecno AX8 presumably will be of different family all together .

That is about all we know about the Tecno AX8 for now as Geekbench usually only provides scanty details of devices on its database .

If the information on  GeekBench turns out to be reliably true, then the Tecno AX8 will have to compete with the upcoming Infinix Zero 5 and some high-end phones from Innjoo as well as other Mobile brands .

Do you guys have anything to say about the upcoming Tecno AX8? lets hear from you using the comment session below .  To be notified when the Tecno AX8 becomes available Click Here

Apple iPhone X with 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display, Face ID announced

Cupertino giant – Apple Inc has just unveiled  the much talked about  iPhone X  at its 10th-anniversary event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California . The iPhone X (aka iPhone 10) announced alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus  is Apple’s first Smartphone to come with bezeless display which is fast becoming an Industry standard. Aside the all screen display , the Apple iPhone X also is the first iPhone to feature  an all-new ‘Super Retina’ resolution, a reinforced glass design and support for wireless charging having the Qi charging standard.

Where to Buy Apple  iPhones & Pay On Delivery

Jumia Nigeria  |View Price offers

Jumia Kenya |View Price offers

Jumia Ghana  |View Price offers

iphone X Designs & Features

The iPhone X is Apple’s most sophisticated iPhone to date. Its design is a complete deviation from  that of both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and the first ever iPhone to  come without iconic home button  for which previous generation of iphones are known. The home button which previously house the fingerprint scanner has now been replaced by  Face ID technology as a new way to securely unlock the phone and pay in the check-out line. The face ID just as it name suggests unlocks the iphone X just by having you look at it. This it does with the aid of a  tech embedded in the notch at the top of the phone: it combines an IR system with the front camera and a so-called flood illuminator that beams a light at your face so it can be recognized anytime,anywhere and  even in the dark.

The iPhone X has is made of glass back and front , but with a “surgical-grade” stainless steel around the sides. It is water-resistant.

iphone X Display

As for display ,the iphone X a features a 5.8-inch (2436 x 1125) OLED Super Retina all screen display with support for  HDR10 and Dolby Vision, Million-to-one contrast ratio as well as  3D touch.The display has a pixel density of  458ppi ,the  highest pixel density  ever seen in any iPhone. The device lacks the physical home button  on the front, so users can just swipe up to reach the home screen, use raise-to-wake, just tap on the screen to get get going .

iphone X Processor  & Storage

Very much like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone  X  is powered by Apple’s all new  A11 Bionic ( hexa-core Apple A11 Bionic processor)   two of which are high-performance cores and four efficiency cores .Also on board are a new three-core GPU as well as an M11 motion co-processor. An early Geekbench benchmark resulted to a single-core score of 4061 and a multi-core score of 9959, two figures which the latest Galaxy Note 8 or even V30 from LG dare not contest .

The iphone X is available in both 64GB and 128GB variants which are unfortunately not expandable .

iphone X Battery

Like previous generation of iphones , the exact battery capacity of the iphone x is at the moment not known ,but the maker claims the iphone x  battery life is up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7,” . The phone comes with the new Qi wireless charging  for iphones, but can as well charge through the  Lightning jack.

iphone X Camera

One of the main selling point of the iphone X is the rear and front camera improvements .For the first time ever , the iphone X comes with a dual 12-megapixel rear camera  –  standard-focus 12-megapixel  sensor  and 2x 12-megapixel  sensor , both with optical image stabilization.With this camera arrangements , the iphone X Should perform very well under low-light condition . A 7MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture, 1080p video recording and Retina Flash is provided for selfies and video chats .

Apple iPhone X specifications

  • 5.8-inch (2436 x 1125 pixels) OLED 458ppi Super Retina HD display display, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (typical), 625 cd/m2 max brightness, 3D Touch
  • Six-core A11 Bionic 64-bit processor with three-core GPU, M11 motion co-processor
  • 64GB and 256GB storage options
  • iOS 11
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)
  • 12MP wide-angle (f/1.8) and telephoto (f/2.4) cameras, Dual optical image stabilization, Optical zoom; digital zoom up to 10x, Six‑element lens, Quad-LED True Tone flash, 4K video recording at 60 fps, Slo‑mo 1080p at 240 fps
  • 7MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture, 1080p video recording,Retina Flash
  • TrueDepth camera for FaceID facial recognition, Stereo speakers
  • Dimensions: 143.6x 70.9×7.7 mm; Weight: 174grams
  • 4G VoLTE, WiFi 802.11 ac with MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC with reader mode, GPS with GLONASS
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Qi wireless charging, fast charging, up to 12 hours internet use, up to 21 hours talk time

Price and availability

The iphone x will be available in Space gray or Silver colors and will retail for 64GB ($999) and 256GB ($1,149) models .

The iphone X price when available in Nigeria will range from N400,000 – N450,000 while same will retail in Ghana for as much as 5370.66 Ghanaian Cedi depending on where you are buying from  .