Five-Card Trick and Six-Card Charlie Explained

If you play blackjack regularly, you may come across the Five-Card Trick and Six-Card Charlie. These are two bizarre ways to win, and pocket prizes when you play blackjack online. However, if you don’t know how they work, you could find yourself missing out. What do you need to know about Five-Card Tricks and Six-Card Charlies that make them so appealing? Join us as we explain it all in our guide.

The Five-Card Trick

The Five-Card Trick is an unconventional way to pocket prizes when playing blackjack online. At its most basic, it ensures that any player who manages to hold five cards (and remain under twenty-two points) will be guaranteed to win a hand. To do this, you must not take any more than five cards, and your hand must be worth at least fifteen. This will result in a win irrespective of win, even if the dealer has a higher hand. The only hand it cannot outrank is Pontoon (an ace plus a face or a ten).

What Is Pontoon?

As described above, the Five-Card Trick is native to Pontoon. This is a British and Australian card game that is very closely related to blackjack. There are alternative rules which make it a pseudo-blackjack variant. It can usually be found in most online casinos, offering a wealth of blackjack games and variants.

Six-Card Charlie

Proper blackjack games have a similar rule to Pontoon’s Five-Card Trick. This is known as the Six-Card Charlie. In short, this hand consists of six cards that crucially are still worth twenty-one or less. Unlike Pontoon, though, many blackjack cards consider the Six-Card Charlie to be on par, or better than blackjack, not below it. If you manage to acquire six cards and avoid busting, you can often win outright. Other blackjack variants have their own take on these rules.

Where to Find Six-Card Charlie?

Despite its popularity, Six-Card Charlie is not a rule regularly found in many blackjack games. It only occurs once in every 400 hands, and the chance of success is a lowly 0.16%. As mentioned, Six-Card Charlie rules can change, too. The rules you get to play with may depend on the variant you opt for. Evolution Gaming’s Infinite Blackjack is a live dealer game known to implement the Six-Card Charlie rule.

Play with These Blackjack Rules Online

It is worth noting that not many blackjack games are prepared to offer you Five-Card Trick and Six-Card Charlie options. However, you should also note that these are not side bets. They are rule changes, meaning that they can alter the house edge and RTP rates of the blackjack games in which they appear. We recommend playing RNG (random number generator) blackjack games for free to better understand how these rules affect the gameplay before you decide to wager on Five-Card Trick and Six-Card Charlie blackjack games with real money.


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