7 ways to use QR codes on Christmas decoration packaging

The most wonderful time of the year has come once more, and as usual, people are now busy adorning their homes to celebrate the holidays and spread good cheer.

Some people buy new sets of ornaments from malls and themed stores, which is excellent news for decoration manufacturers and sellers.

They can add QR codes on product packaging for several purposes that will provide convenience and ease to their consumers.

What’s great about QR code technology is that it can facilitate quick access to information in just one scan with a smartphone.

Christmas decor companies can now create QR codes for their products in seconds using an advanced QR code generator online tool.

How to use QR codes on the product packaging of Christmas decorations

Avail installation services

Home services company Angi teamed up with Walmart to provide an integration that will benefit consumers. When they purchase Christmas lights, they can opt to have them installed in their home by a professional.


Buyers will see QR codes on these items, and when they scan them, they will find a list of installation options that suits their needs.

With this offer, consumers can purchase the service if they don’t want to install the lights themselves. Also, they no longer have to find someone to do it for them.

Promote online stores

Some people now prefer to shop online since it’s more convenient. They can buy decorations with a few taps on their smartphone.

You can direct customers to your website or online store with QR codes. To do this, copy your URL and embed it within the QR code.

This makes it easier for them to browse for ornaments they’d like to hang on their Christmas tree, bookshelves, or living rooms.

To provide an even more convenient service, create QR codes that will take users to an order form where they can list the items they want to buy.

Provide user manuals

Setting up Christmas trees or installing light decorations can be fun for families, especially those with kids and toddlers.


Usually, these items come with printed manuals to guide them in assembling the parts and pieces.

For a more sustainable option, use QR codes instead. Buyers can scan the QR code to access the complete instructions on how to set the item up.

Show video tutorials

Many users now prefer watching a video guide instead of reading manuals. They can simply imitate what the video shows in order to complete installing the items they bought.

QR codes are perfect tools for sharing this media. By using the file QR code solution, you can embed video guides within the QR code to make then accessible to the consumers.

Increase social media following

Having more followers on your page means that your posts have a wider reach, increasing your potential buyers. Promote your social media pages using QR codes.

You can go for the all-in-one social media QR code. It can store various social links and display them all on one landing page.

Each social site gets its own button, and when tapped, the user will find your page on that platform.


Run promos and special offers

In case you haven’t heard, many companies have used QR codes to run limited-time promos. Customers can scan QR codes to redeem coupons, gift certificates, and discounts.

Offer customer support

Item packagings come with contact details of the manufacturers so consumers can reach them for any problems or comments on their products.

But most of the time, these are too small. It’s also inconvenient to enter their numbers or email address manually on your device.

Use a QR code instead to share your contacts quickly. With one scan, buyers can easily reach your customer support representatives and tell them of their concerns.

You can also use the QR code to bring users to an online form where they can leave product reviews and suggestions.

Add QR codes to your product packaging

QR codes can upgrade your item’s packaging as it can bring more information to target customers without taking too much space on the surface.

If you’re now interested in incorporating QR cod tech to your business, you should go to QRTIGER to enjoy quality QR codes, customization tools, and advanced features.

Visit the best QR code generator today to start your QR code journey.


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