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Trying for a new baby?
Whether you have been trying for months or you have just decided that you want a baby, here are a few tips that can help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

1: Get your partner ready:

Sperm have their best shot at fertilizing an egg when they’re healthy, strong, and plentiful. Your husband can make sure his sperm is in shape by;
Cutting back on alcohol, as drinking daily can reduce testosterone levels, reduce sperm count and raise the number of abnormal sperm.
Quitting tobacco and recreational drugs, as these can cause poor sperm function.
Taking vitamins. Vitamins like zinc, folic acid, calcium, and vitamins C and D can help create plentiful, strong and active sperm.
Avoiding hot showers or hot baths because heat kills sperm.

 2: Get your body ready:

  While your spouse is making sacrifices, you too need to make sure that your body is healthy and ready to grow a baby. You should eliminate alcohol, caffeine and smoking as these habits not only interfere with fertility, they affect the fetus as well.

3:Pick the right position:

Research shows that doggy-style and missionary are two of the most effective positions for a woman to conceive because they help shoot sperm high up into the cervix . You can also help sperm swim high with positions such as “spooning” and “reverse cowgirl.

4:The truth is in the orgasm:

You may not know this, but research has actually shown that orgasms can help a woman take in. In fact scientists have discovered that a woman’s contracting uterus after her orgasm helps push the sperm up to the fallopian tubes. So your husband should bring on the foreplay or do whatever it is madam likes to make her go gaga.

5:Say no to jelly:

While the famous KY Jelly and other popular lubricants are helpful with increasing pleasure, they also have a bad habit of killing sperm. Research has shown that lubricants not only alter the sperm’s DNA, but can also damage sperm. If you want a more lubricated effect, try using a natural oil, such as olive oil.

6: Lie down flat after each event:

Please take some time to relax after your love making session. In 2009, researchers in Amsterdam found that women who lay flat for 15 minutes after being artificially inseminated, were 50 percent more likely to get pregnant than women who got up right away after the procedure. Lying on your back for about
15 minutes after sxx can improve your chances of conceiving. It should take approximately two to ten minutes for sperm to reach the fallopian tubes, so relax and let nature do its job.

7: Timing is everything:

Some couples may not be getting pregnant, because they are not doing it. The more sxx you and your spouse have, the higher your chances are of getting pregnant. While the stress of work, traffic and coping with everyday life in Naija can take its toll, you should make sure you and your spouse have sxx even if you have to schedule it. Just make sure you schedule it around the week that you are ovulating.
The biggest secret to getting pregnant faster is actually knowing when you ovulate (release an egg from your ovary). Try out ovulation calculator to know the best time to have sxx. Note that women with irregular periods over the course of several months, would find it hard to pinpoint ovulation. Ask your doctor for advice.
Once you know when your egg will be released from your ovary, you can plan to have sex during your most fertile days i.e. from three days before ovulation through the day of ovulation.

How long to try before seeking help

If you’re going to get pregnant naturally, it’s very likely to happen within the first twelve weeks of trying. About 60 percent of couples should have conceived by then.
A woman’s age determines when help should be sought, women over 40 should get help immediately. Women age 35 to 40, should talk to a specialist after trying for six months with no luck. Those under 35 can keep trying for a year before seeking assistance.

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