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How To Be Better on Bed With Your Spouse

70% of Men are Experiencing Weakness on bed Especially Married Ones


$xxxx Weakness is the Inability to have or maintain an Erection for xxx Activities.

There are some Causes of This xxx  Weaknesses

⦁ Having $xx with your wife while she’s menstruating.

⦁ LONG TIME And Consistency Masturbation can cause your penis not to erect.

⦁ Smoking, it will destroy your lungs and thus oxygen won’t flow in your body well.

⦁ Obesity, Obese guys always have quick ejaculation.

⦁ Some drug that contains Tranquilizers, Anti psychotic, Antidepressant, Antihistamines, They are all mostly found in pain killer may cause weak erection.

⦁ When you have endocrine disorders.. It May cause xxxxx Weakness too. When there is a decrease in male $xxxx  hormones you can have weak penIs during $xx, Prostate problems, Depression, Psychiatric illness.

⦁ When you buy a drug and it has a name like BETA-BLOCKERS don’t take it…it will destroy your xxxx hormones.

⦁ Alcohol and smoke tobacco contributes and also shrinks testicle

⦁ Diabetic Patients may suffer $£xual Weakness

⦁ Injuries, especially at the or between the genItals can cause it.

⦁ Heart disease is also one of the major causes… The arteries can become clogged which means the blood isn’t flowing through them like it should.. This blocked blood flow is going to prevent the penIs from getting all it needs for a man to maintain an erection.


Ingredients and Method of Preparation

1. Two carrots

2. two cloves of garlic

3. one pulp of onion

4. Two pieces of ginger and blend all together…then add

5. Pure honey(two spoons to it)

6. then little lemon to it…

7. stir it very well and drink it…

8. This should be taken first thing in the morning on empty stomach wait for an hour before eating anything.

9. Abstain from sex during the 21 days treatment. Do this daily for 21 days…

10. As well, you can add drink fresh coconut water and ginseng too.


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