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Okra Is A Highly Nutritious Vegetable For Men, Women And Children


Okra or lady finger is a highly nutritious vegetable for men, women and children which is well known for its richness in both soluble and insoluble fiber contents. It is also a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with proteins, carbohydrates and essential minerals required for the body growth. In fact, consumption of 100 grams of Okra can deliver you 1.5% energy in calories and 9% fiber for your body development.

Okra is used as a fiber rich vegetable in making many delicious recipes because it offers many skins, hair and health benefits to its regular consumer. Following are some amazing benefits of Okra for your skin, hair and health which will definitely make you a great fan of this fiber rich vegetable:-

Skin Benefits of Okra

1. Improves Skin Tone:

Okra or lady finger is highly beneficial in improving the skin tone of its consumer with its dietary fiber constituents thereby maintaining the function of your digestive system. It eases the digestion process which delivers a healthy look to dull looking skin.


2. Gives Youthful Skin:

Okra is highly rich in Vitamin C which works well in giving a young and youthful look to its consumer thereby repairing the damaged body cells and tissues. It improves the radiance and shine of dull skin that gives a vibrant touch to one’s personality.

3. Reduces Skin Pigmentation:

Okra is very good for reducing skin pigmentation with its minerals, fibers and vitamins constituents. It can rejuvenate the uneven skin tone by repairing damaged skin cells that makes the skin free from any type of dark spots or skin pigmentation.

Hair Benefits Of Okra

4. Helps In Getting Bouncy Hair:

Distressed hair is the common issues among many females which can be resolved easily at home by applying boiled Okra to your distress hair. You need to boil a few Okra extracts in a cup of water followed by applying it to your distressed hair to get bouncy hair back once again.

5. Good For Oily Hair:

Okra is good for removing the extra oil from the scalp with its Vitamins and fiber constituents. You need to wash your hair after massaging it with the boiled lady fingers on your oily scalp and then rinsing it off with normal water after 5 minutes


6. Makes Hair Soft And Shiny:

If you’re facing problem in stressing your hair due to dry and itchy scalp then washing your hair with the boiled Okra will definitely ease your discomfort. Okra is an amazing moisturizer which makes the hair soft and shiny. Okra is highly recommended by many hair experts for people having lifeless, unruly and curly hair as it offers the best conditioning to the scalp.

7. Removes Dandruff:

Okra is very beneficial in removing the dandruff issue thereby providing extra moisture to your scalp. Okra works well in making the hair follicles of your scalp strong and compatible to fight dandruff in a better way.

Health Benefits Of Okra

8. Eases Digestion:

Okra is extremely rich in dietary fiber constituents which are very necessary for proper digestion of food consumed by human body. The fiber contents of Okra are very helpful in maintaining the proper bowel movement that eases the digestion process. It is also good for controlling common digestive problems like gastric, acidity and stomach pain too.

9. Controls Diabetes:

Lady finger is very useful in controlling diabetes with its fiber, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. You need to drink Okra water daily in the morning for controlling the high sugar level as the soluble fiber of the finger’s pod lowers the absorption of sugar into the intestines.


10. Good For Pregnancy:

Okra richness in folate contents makes it ian ideal food for women undergoing pregnancy or preconception period. Intake of Okra daily in a diet lowers the risk of occurring neural tube defects in an infant.

11. Makes Bone Strong:

Okra is rich in Vitamin K and calcium which are very helpful in giving utmost strength to the bones. It improves the blood clotting process that make the bones strong thereby increasing bone density.

12. Removes Respiratory Problems:

People suffering from breathing or respiratory issues are always advised to consume lady fingers in their meal because its soluble fiber improves the function of respiratory tract that diagnosed asthma comfortably.

13. Removes Constipation:

Okra also controls constipation in a better way as it facilitates the water absorption in the body. Okra improves the function of bowel movement that eases the passage of gas and stool from intestines comfortably.

14. Protects From Heat Stroke:

Intake of Okra or drinking Okra water before moving anywhere in summer is highly beneficial in safeguarding your body against heat stroke. The soluble and insoluble fiber contents of Okra fights the direct penetration of harmful sun rays and keeps your body hydrated for a long time.

15. Protects From Colon Cancer:

Okra is also good in protecting your body against risk of colon cancer and other diseases associated with the colon due to the presence of soluble fiber. You must include it daily in your meal plan for better colon health.



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