5 Tips for Hunting Raccoons

Are you interested in hunting raccoons? Do you want to learn how to hunt raccoons? Raccoons are nocturnal animals and scavengers. These habits of raccoons make it easier to target them. In this article, we discuss tips to help you be successful when hunting raccoons.

1.  Scouting Raccoons

For any type of hunting, scouting is very important. And this is no different when hunting raccoons. They are most active at night, and this makes the nighttime hunting for raccoons prime. When scouting raccoons, look for food sources like nut-bearing trees and wooded pastures with fruit trees.

Raccoons eat fruits, nuts, plants, berries, insects, rodents, fish, and frogs. If you can locate food and water sources, your chances of finding raccoons increase. Additionally, look for hollow trees, wooded piles, and burrows. You will find raccoons in these areas, seeking cover. Raccoons will bed in these areas during the day and come out at night.

  1. Predator Calls

    One effective hunting technique used by hunters is to use predator calls. Predator calls are known to lure animals out of their hiding spots as they come out to investigate the distressed calls. There are a variety of distressed calls that can lure animals out into the open.

    There are calls, like “Squaller” calls that lure aggressive males during the mating season. This call gives the male the impression that a female needs male companionship. Since it is the mating season and the male is in search of females, this call can be effective in luring aggressive males that are looking for females to mate with. Additionally, the chittering and purring calls can also be used to lure raccoons.
  2. Using Bait

    Raccoons have a healthy appetite and eat almost anything. Hunters use this knowledge when hunting raccoons. Hunters use food as bait to lure raccoons into the open for a good shot.  Leftover food scraps, marshmallows, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fish, and watermelons are some of the foods that hunters use as bait when hunting raccoons.
  3. Spotlighting

    Spotlighting is another technique hunters use when hunting raccoons. Hunters shine a light beam into the trees when searching for raccoons. Raccoons are often found in nut-bearing and fruit trees. Shinning a light beam into the tree can easily help you spot raccoons if they are feeding on fruits or nuts in the trees.

    Red or white beam spotlights are the common light beams used for spotlighting. The white beam is great for locating raccoons at longer ranges, but they spook the raccoons. However, the red beam light can be used to spotlight raccoons in trees without spooking them.
  4. Using Traps

    Traps can also be used when hunting raccoons. However, they are inhumane as the animals will suffer before finally dying. Most of the time traps are used by homeowners who just want to get rid of raccoons who are pests on their properties.

However, traps can also be a danger for kids who may see the traps and touch them. Additionally, traps may also catch the wrong animals as all animals will eat food if they come across it. If you have a family of raccoons on your property, it could take some time to get rid of them with a few traps.

  1. Using Dogs

Hunters also use dogs when hunting raccoons. Dogs are a great help when hunting raccoons as they can chase down the raccoons and identify their hiding locations. Additionally, the chasing pack of dogs can quickly wear down a raccoon and cause it to remain perched up in a tree which can be an easy shot for the hunter.

Coonhounds are dogs used to hunting raccoons because they can trail a scent. There are 6 coonhounds, namely the black and tan coonhound, the redbone coonhound, the English coonhound, the bluetick coonhound, the treeing walker coonhound, and the Plott hound.


Raccoons eat almost anything as they are scavengers. Fruits, nuts, marshmallows, food scraps, and watermelons are some of the foods that hunters use when hunting raccoons.

They are also most active during the night. Hunters use this knowledge to locate and hunt down raccoons. There are many hunting techniques that hunters use when hunting raccoons. In this article, we discussed some of the tips to hunt raccoons.




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