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Shocking Health Benefit Of The Africa Mango You Don’t Know

You Will Be Surprised To Know Bush mango


Shocking Health Benefit Of The Africa Mango You Don’t Know

This is popularly known as OGBONO in the eastern part of Nigeria which is used to prepare the ALMIGHTY OGBONO SOUP.

Common names:
Wild mango, African mango, bush mango, dika or ogbono. They bear edible mango-like fruits, and are especially valued for their fat- and protein-rich nuts.

African Mango Cures:
*Digestive disorder
*Gastrointestinal Disorder
*Heart Disease
*High Cholesterol
*General Pain
*Ventral Hernia

Parts Used:
Fruit, Seeds, Bark, Leaves.

Risk Factors:
It may cause Flatulence and Headache.

it is widely believed to promote fat metabolism and weight loss. Research trials show that supplementing with Irvingia gabonensis in obese individuals can increase weight loss resulted and improve cardiovascular health.

It is advantageous in combating Jaundice, which has an adverse effect on the entire human body but majorly on Liver, Kidneys and Heart.
It is beneficial in promoting proper Gastrointestinal action, which helps in improving digestion and avoiding Acidity. Being Purgative in nature, African Mango helps in escalating the Bowel movement.
It is a good herbal treatment possessing Painkilling and Antimicrobial characteristics, which help in treating Sores and preventing infections in Wounds. In case of bleeding Wounds, its Astringent property helps in stopping blood flow.
African Mango is fruitful in counteracting Hernias, which leads to dislocation of the organs from its actual position.
It bears constipating properties, which is favorable in ceasing ailments like Loose Motions i.e. Dysentery and Diarrhea.

Key Benefits attributed to this natural supplement include:

Reducing appetite and controlling hunger cravings
Improving leptin sensitivity – the “satiety hormone”
Lowering “bad” LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and total cholesterol levels
Elevating “good” HDL cholesterol levels
Decreasing waist circumference
Decreasing hip circumference
Decreasing body fat composition
Lowering systolic blood pressure


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