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Ideal Food For Your Skin To Reduce The Formation Of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural by-products of the aging process. With time, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness and becomes drier and thinner. At this time, the skin becomes vulnerable to wrinkle. Sometimes wrinkles appear at a quite young age which may be regarded as premature wrinkles. Heredity, excessive sun exposure, and smoking are major contributors to wrinkles.

When aging signs appear on skin, people get confused and rush to store to buy costly cosmetics to stop the natural aging process. But, unless you keep your skin healthy internally, you will not be able to achieve the goal. A healthy diet may help you in this matter by making your skin healthy internally. The ideal anti-wrinkle diet may help you to reverse the skin’s aging process.

There are some foods which help to reduce the formation of wrinkles and keep your skin firm. These anti-wrinkle foods are packed with nutrients lime vitamin C, vitamin E, lean protein, vitamin A, beta carotene, omega- 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, etc.

This Article Will Give You A Few Tips To Choose Ideal Food For Your Skin

1. Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruits, water melon, pineapple, strawberry, berries, etc. are needed for your skin to keep it youthful for a long time. These citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C and fiber which helps to improve the texture of the skin and enhances the glow of it. Add a good amount of citrus fruits to your daily diet. You will get the benefit

2. Fatty Sea Fish:

Fatty sea fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardine, etc. are excellent for the skin. They provide a decent amount of omega-3 fatty acids which moisturizes your skin and protect your skin from ultra violet rays of the sun. Among all these fish salmon contains a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin. This antioxidant helps to eliminate free radicals created by UV rays of the sun. Try to eat these fatty fish at least thrice a week. You will get the benefit

3. Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene Rich Vegetables:

Vitamin A and beta carotene rich vegetables and fruits are beneficial for your skin to keep it youthful for a long time. Beta carotene is a yellow or oranges colored antioxidant amply found in carrot, pumpkin, mango, melon, apricots, etc. Try to eat them raw and if it is not possible to eat that raw just boil or blanch them because over cooking may spoil the beta carotene content of that food. Add these foods to your daily diet. You will get the benefit

4. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, parsley, coriander, kale, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, pea, asparagus, etc. are ideal to solve the ageing process. These vegetables contain a great amount of dietary fiber, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, vitamins, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Add them to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also make tasty snacks with these food items but over cooking may spoil the nutrients

5. Nuts:

Nuts like almond, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, etc. are a great source of vitamin E which is the most wanted product for the skin to keep it in healthy condition. Apart from that they contain various minerals. Take these nuts in small quantity daily especially in the morning (your skin gets the whole day to absorb the nutrients) to keep your skin moisturized and wrinkle free

6. Protein Rich Food:

Protein rich foods are essential to keep your skin youthful as protein helps to build and repair tissues. Proteins especially whey protein contains glutathione which is an antioxidant which scavenges free radicals and delays the signs of ageing. Milk, curd, egg, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, etc, are common and popular protein source. Add them to your daily diet

7. Whole Grains:

Whole grains like wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley and other cereals are beneficial for skin. Daily intake of these whole grains provides nourishment to your skin, protects your skin from sun damage, and fights skin’s elasticity supplying selenium – the mineral that offers wonderful effects to your skin acting as an anti-aging agent.

So, add foods made with whole grains like bread, pasta, oatmeal, tortillas, etc. to your daily breakfast to keep your skin youthful for a long time.

8. Green Tea:

Regular drinking of green tea is very effective to solve the problem of wrinkles [8]. It contains powerful antioxidants called Catechins which keeps your skin young. To get the maximum benefits prepare tea with fresh green tea leaves instead of tea bag. Drink twice daily and get the benefit.

Follow these tips sincerely and add them to your daily diet. You will be able to solve the problem of wrinkle easily because a healthy body only can provide healthy skin.



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