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How Are These Condiments Still Overlooked In 2022?


Condiments are a big part of the American diet.  We love to dip, drizzle, and dunk our foods in sauces and delicious flavors, so anyone would assume we have the condiment game on lock: but there’s a lot that’s overlooked!

If you’re looking for fresh flavors to change up your diet: consider checking out some of these condiments! 

Kewpie Mayo 

You may think there’s only one type of mayonnaise: but Kewpie sets itself apart!  This sweet and tangy mayo is a Japanese staple that’s finally made its way into the USA.  Sweeter than American mayonnaise, it carries a lot of weight for dips, sandwiches, sauces, and so much more.  This is great on its own with fries, or you can have it with sushi, salad, or anything else that strikes your fancy!  In the states, this mayo is slightly more expensive than the average brand: but you can find many mock-kewpie recipes online that offer you the chance to make your own! 

Banana Ketchup

This will be familiar to a lot of people who grew up in the American south or who have family in the Philippines: but banana ketchup is one of the least known popular condiments out there!  Not only is it tangy and sweet like ketchup, but the unique flavor of vinegar and banana mixed with seasonings and spices creates a completely different experience than anything you’ve ever tasted.  This is great on anything from fries to burgers and will change your life!


This condiment is starting to gain international success, but it’s still a long way off from becoming a kitchen staple for more households.  Tajin is a spice mix that’s mostly salt, citric acid, and spicy peppers; that’s fantastic when dashed over fruit and veggies!  The slightly sour heat will encourage you to eat more, and the salt pulls the natural juices and flavor out of whatever you put on!  Tajin is extremely popular in Mexico and other countries south of the US, but it’s quickly gaining popularity stateside! 

Pepper Jelly

We all love a good mix of sweet heat: so why isn’t pepper jelly gaining more traction?  This fantastic jelly is a mix of spicy peppers and sweet jelly, which makes it the perfect combination for anything from glazed chicken to roasted nuts and even toast in the morning!  This condiment has a cult following so far, but don’t be surprised if you see pepper jelly hit mainstream popularity within the next couple of years!


Classically used in dishes like soups and noodles, this is usually an ingredient in recipes and not a dip: but it’s a fantastic condiment!  This is great when spread on meat, but it’s also delicious when mixed with mayo for fries or used on fresh fruit, similar to tajin.  The flavor is fantastic, and fans adore its spicy honey-like flavor! 

Condiments Change Everything!

If you want to take your dishes to another level: consider how you flavor them.  Not only do condiments change what consistency of your food, but they can make them more crave-able!  


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