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Nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica. Myristica fragrans is a dark-leaved evergreen tree cultivated for two spices derived from its fruit: nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed covering. It is also a commercial source of an essential oil and nutmeg butter


The first six months is very crucial in baby’s life and we parents should give them lot of love, care and attention for their well being. One very good remedy to promote good health of a newborn is by using Nutmeg or Jaiphal. Nutmeg is a popular spice which offers lots of benefits, as it has lots of medicinal properties. Apart from adding flavor to food, it can also be used as a remedy for various ailments.

Good for Digestion:

During the first six months, digestive system of an infant is not fully matured because of which they have trouble digesting the mother’s milk and also solid food. It is during this period that many babies experience abdominal pain, bloating and constipation.
Nutmeg can relieve this pain and discomfort and is very effective in treating indigestion. Nutmeg is really useful if your baby is regularly suffering from colic pain as it helps in relieving excess gas and improves the overall digestive health of your child.

Pain Relief:

Nutmeg also works as a pain reliever as it is a natural sedative. Apart from the abdominal pain, nutmeg also helps to cure external cuts and injury pain.

Good for Immunity:

Nutmeg can improve immunity of your child if he/she has nutmeg on a regular basis. Common cold and flu can also be easily fought by the consumption of nutmeg. Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to cure bacterial infections too.

Aids in Sleeping:

Nutmeg can help your baby to have a good sleep at night. You can mix nutmeg powder into milk and feed him/her at night. Nutmeg also helps in digestion and relieves your child from stomach problems and colic pains. It helps them to relax and induces good sleep.

Detoxifies Liver and Kidney:

If your child is addicted to fast food or junk food, it might hamper his/her liver or kidney. Nutmeg has the natural tendency to cure liver and kidney related problems.
Nutmeg acts a tonic to clean your child’s liver and kidney as it washes out all the toxic elements. It can also help in treating liver and kidney stones.

Other benefits

Use of nutmeg can improve a newborns appetite and promote weight gain and growth. Nutmeg is also an effective tonic for brain.

Ways to give nutmeg to your child

Nutmeg can be added to your child’s diet in a number of ways. You can add a nutmeg and steam it along with the rice you cook for your child.
This will help the rice to gain the flavor of the spice.
You can also add some grinded nutmeg powder in your baby’s milk. A glass of milk with nutmeg can help him/her sleep better.
However, it is advisable not to give raw nutmeg to your baby or toddler.
Add a few drops of milk (mother’s milk preferably) to the grinding stone and gradually rub the whole nutmeg in a circular motion (4-5 times) to make a smooth paste approximately 1 ml. The paste should be of a thin consistency similar to that of syrup. You can give this to your baby on a regular basis.

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