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How to detect a fake Memory card in your android phone

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It is called a MicroSD card, while some call it memory card. Which ever you choose to call it, the identity is clear. That amazing device that lets you store loads of data on your device.

The importance of the MicroSD card is best encapsulated in the wise decision of Samsung in reintroducing it in their upcoming device – Samsung Galaxy S7, after yanking it off the Galaxy S6 variant.

The microSD card has become a very vital part of our digital devices from the smartphone to the camcoder, to the digital camera, MP3 player and others.

Unfortunately this great device has become the beautiful bride of counterfeiters especially the Chinese who see nothing wrong in imitating a great product with near perfection.

They are so good at it that it is near impossible detecting a fake from the original memory card. It is risky using such fakes as they could cause you to lose your valuable data when they go bad, which they always do.

One important snag about the memory card which everyone must know is that many of today’s counterfeit memory cards have much less actual storage than advertised.

For instance, a card may actually have as little as 8GB of storage space, but the label on it may read 64GB. The worse part is that your device may also “see” it as a 64GB card – firmware hacks which is  common practice allows this to happen. In fact, your device can and will try to write data to the gigs that don’t exist. This will either overwrite existing data or result in an error. In either case, your data may get corrupted irreversibly.

In addition, fake memory cards are very slow at reading and writing data that they can actually affect your phone’s performance, making the phone to perform sluggisly. If your phone is acting sluggish, aside clearing the internal memory, it is vital to check the memory card by testing if it is genuine.

So how can one tell if a memory card is fake or original?

It is common for a fake memory card, as well as its packaging, to look almost like the real deal. But they’re never an exact reproduction. If the print on the package seems off and if the logos don’t look quite right, you’re probably looking at a fake. If the text on the memory card itself is misaligned or poorly printed, see that as a red flag as it is most likely a fake. If the price of the product is too good to be true, then – you guessed it – you most likely have a fake on your hands.

Also buying your phones from reputable dealers in Nigeria such as Slot, Yudala , also from notable online retailers such as, and other large retailers out there will just certainly guarantee you getting a genuine memory card along with it. Unlike when you buy from the marketplace from obscure dealers who have no reputation to lose if you came back screaming blue mother when you discover you’ve got a fake memory card in your hands.

On the technical side, there’s an easy way of checking if your microSD card is genuine or not. If you have an Android phone or tablet, go to the Play Store and download SD Insight. It is a free app that lists details about the memory card installed in your device. Real memory cards will have data about them listed, including their manufacturer. Counterfeits, on the other hand, will have no manufacturer name stated.

But while SD Insight is a reliable piece of software, it might not be able to read the data from each and every card in existence. So to test your memory card without relying on the app, just fill it with data. Copy a bunch of files onto your memory or microSD card card and fill it up as much as you can. Or record a test video using your phone with the memory card set as storage location. Once your card is nearly or completely full, see if the data you just put on it is accessible. The best thing to do if you get an error is to forget about ever using that microSD card again.


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