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Humanity has always been obsessed with trying to push the limits of its own mortality

From popular culture to science, this wish has been documented everywhere.

Well, of course, there is the issue of aging, but keeping that aside, living longer has its own share of benefits.

However, that is the average, the question remains – what can you do to prolong your life? We’ve put together a primer on a few habits that have been scientifically proven to help increase one’s longevity.

1. Start Enjoying Your Life


We all lead hectic lives wherein we barely have the time to enjoy the small joys of life.

But if research is to be believed, that’s exactly what you should be doing, if you want to spend a couple of extra years on this planet.

In a research conducted on the correlation between life expectancy and positive moods, it was found that people with positive mindsets were thirty-five percent less likely to die in the next five years, compared to those who usually experienced bad moods .

This was after taking into account the differences in life quality and circumstances.

2. Don’t Change Your Doctors


This is great news for people who hate change. Researchers at the University of Exeter have found that if you continue to visit the same doctor for a long time, it can actually prolong your life .

This makes sense since doing so would ensure that your doctor is well-versed with your history, and the afflictions which you’re more likely to fall prey to, and hence could help you pre-empt that.

3. Feed Your Gut The Right Stuff

By binging on heavily processed food and including it in almost every meal of the day, we have made our digestive systems soft and sensitive.

If the flora of the gut is composed of good microbes then it augurs well for our health in general .

The key to having good flora in the gut is probiotics.

So include probiotics in your daily meal


4.Eat More Of Nuts:

Nuts aren’t only a rich source of good fat, but they also make for a very healthy snack.

In fact, they are so healthy that people who consume nuts on a daily basis are twenty percent less likely to die from diseases such as cancer, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular issues


5.Catch More Of sleep:

We all know that getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining good health.

Often we face that occasional guilt trip when we spend the morning in our beds, spending a good chunk of the weekend sleep.

Now, you can bid that guilt adieu; scientists have found that if you bridge your sleep deficit by sleeping in on the weekends, it can significantly reduce your risk of early death




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