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Secret Medicinal Powers of Banana

Banana indeed has many medicinal Powers Most of People don't Know About

Banana is a very good fruit for health. This fruit is one of the most nutritious foods. The banana, indeed, has many medicinal Powers. It is also used as a natural remedy.

1. Stop smoking:

You want to stop smoking but nothing works. The banana can help you. It is rich in vitamin B, especially B6. This vitamin combined with potassium and magnesium banana, helps the body to feel less sensation of lack of nicotine.


2. It Helps For concentration:

This fruit is strong in potassium, a vital mineral, which promotes concentration and learning because it makes pupils more alert.

3. It helps in Controlling Stress:

The potassium in the banana helps to send oxygen to the brain and keep a normal pulse. During a stressful moment, the lack of oxygen tends to increase, the pulse to accelerate and the potassium to decrease. Banana will help you regulate everything.

4. It Helps Against anemia:

Banana is very rich in iron which increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood, it is important during anemia.

5. Against constipation:

Rich in fiber, banana avoids constipation. Eating it daily can regulate the body.


6. Against heartburn:

A natural anti-acid is present in the banana which can relieve the intestinal burns. During burns, eating banana can soothe the pain.

7. Against morning sickness:

Banana regulates the blood sugar level. As a result, eating a banana snack between meals stabilizes this sugar level and prevents morning sickness.

8. Against ulcers:

Banana is very effective against intestinal problems but not only that. It also protects the stomach by stopping hyper acidity and reducing irritation.

9. Against heart attacks:

According to research including that made by “The New England Journal of Medicine” consuming bananas regularly would reduce the risk of heart attacks by about 40%.

10. For temperature control:

In different cultures bananas are seen as refreshing fruit. In Thailand, for example, bananas would lower the physical and emotional temperature of pregnant women. As a result, Thai pregnant women eat bananas so that their baby is born with a low temperature.


11. Helps Against hangover:

The evening was watered and you are bad the next day, here is a cure to get back into shape. Make a banana and honey porridge. The banana will calm the stomach and the honey will increase the blood sugar level.

12. It Helps Against depression:

banana contains tryptophan, which is a protein that the body converts into serotonin. Serotonin is known to be an excellent natural relaxant. As a result, consuming bananas helps to have a good emotional state, to feel happier and thus to reduce depressions considerably.

13. Helps Against nervousness:

Banana is rich in vitamin B, which helps to relax the nervous system.

14. For bites:

Against insect bites, banana peel can relieve you Indeed. Rub the affected area with the inside of the banana peel and the swelling as well as the itching will decrease.


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