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Benefit Of Vitamin E Oil To The Body


Vitamin E  Oil

Vitamin E helps your body in a different  other ways, such as helping your immune system and helping keep vessels healthy. You can slather it on your skin, hair or swallow it in a capsule

There are claims that vitamin E, as an antioxidant, fights a host of conditions, including, age-related vision loss, certain cancers, hair brakeage, lashes growth and dry lip. Cosmetic shelves are loaded with goods that contain vitamin E that help to reverse age-related skin damage

Why You Should Take Vitamin E Oil

Unless your diet is very low in fat, it’s likely that you’re getting enough vitamin E. But smoking, air pollution, and even exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can deplete your body’s stores of the vitamin.

According to the National Institutes of Health, teenagers and adults should get about 15 mg of vitamin E a day. Women who are pregnant should get the same. Women who are breastfeeding should increase their intake to 19 mg.

For children, the NIH recommends 4-5 mg for infants, 6 mg for children ages 1-3, 7 mg for those ages 4-8, and 11 mg from those ages 9-13.

You don’t need capsules and oil to get vitamin E. Many processed foods, especially cereals and juices, are fortified with vitamin E. It’s also found naturally in many foods, including:

  • vegetable oils, especially wheat germ, sunflower, and safflower oils
  • nuts and seeds
  • avocados and other fats

The Real Benefits Behind Vitamin E Oil Are

Since their identification, vitamin E, and other antioxidants have been subject to research for their ability to prevent a number of diseases.

1. Heart protection

It’s believed that people with higher levels of vitamin E are at reduced risk of heart disease .

But one study that followed over 14,000 U.S. males for 8 years found no cardiovascular benefit from taking vitamin E supplements. In fact, the study determined that vitamin E was associated with a higher risk of stroke.

2. Cancer

Another study that followed 35,000 men for 5 years found that taking vitamin E supplements had no effect when it came to reducing the risk of developing any type of cancer.

3. Skin healing

Vitamin E is widely claimed to help speed healing and reduce scarring when applied to skin. While there have been a few studies that support this, the greatest body of research indicates that vitamin E help hydrate our skin and keep it spotless

4.Hair Growth

Using Vitamin E to the hair can stimulate capillary growth in your scalp, with in turn supports hair growth and it prevents breakage and pesky split ends; its antioxidants even boost hair’s elasticity and shine.


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