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Remedy To Burning Sensation In Your Chest Region

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food that we eat or to be more specific how the food churns out in our stomach? Without getting into too many technicalities a simple statement would be that our stomachs are lined with digestive acids made of various enzymes and this aids in the food to break up and goes into the process of digestion and absorption. Having said that, this acid is birthed out only in the stomach and it does not get released to any other organs. This is carried out by the lower esophageal sphincter and when this function fails, acid gets released into the other parts. Mostly it enters the esophagus and causes irritation to your chest.

In common terms, this is known as acid reflux or heart burns. There is no specific reason why acid refluxes occur and they can include your lifestyle, your exercise patterns or even when you bend down. Smoking and drinking in excess can also lead to such abnormalities. Tough acid refluxes are not exactly harmful and in most cases goes away on its own, they are not to be taken lightly. They cause a burning sensation in your chest region and can cause bloating symptoms in your stomach. This can be associated with severe abdominal pains and cramps. The diet you take in also plays a major role and strictly there are some foods that you have to completely avoid in case you are suffering such acid refluxes. We have given out a list here. Check them out for better understanding.

Some Foods To Completely Avoid If You have Heart Burns Or Acid Reflux:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate lovers- Kindly excuse us! But if you have heart burns or if you feel that you are having such sensations then it would be safe to stay away from chocolates. Most of the chocolates contain a portion of caffeine and other stimulants that can trigger the reflux. Also, due to its nature, they are hard to digest and by a rule, anything that is hard to digest can increase the chances of the muscle tightening – thus leading to reflux. Added to that cocoa is the major part in a chocolate and it allows the acids from the stomach to rise up, causing such heartburn indications. Try to avoid them – especially in the night if you feel like you have heart burn indications. Stay away even from dark chocolates too due to its rich cocoa content.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a strict no when you have acid refluxes. This goes for even tomato based foods like ketchup or puree. Tomatoes are natural sources of citric acid and malic acid and these can cause irritations in the stomach lining causing the reflux. During the digestion tomatoes also release gastric acid and this causes the burning sensation to rise up and sometimes reach your chest. Do not go in for any tomato related foods when you are suffering from heart burns.

3. Coffee

Coffee is not exactly good for your acid troubles. In many cases, caffeine sends up your acidic levels- thus increasing the heart burn. Coffee is a type of perked up food that causes the gastric region to empty soon. This leaves space for the acids to rise up and can occupy your intestines. Needless to say, this can make you feel acidic and cause you to experience symptoms of heart burns. The trouble can be especially telling for people who especially have black coffee, without any milk or cream. Avoid coffees and in lieu of it alternate it with green tea or herbal tea.

4. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are great for your health normally but they simply worsen the condition if you are suffering from acid re-fluxes. Citrus fruits are naturally acidic and this puts on an additional pressure in your digestive system. This is strictly not advisable when you have such citrus fruit on an empty stomach. They can make your stomach linings acidic and produces more acidity in your system. This causes the acidic bile to rise and make you experience the symptoms. Do not go for citrus fruits even in their juice formats. Stay clear of them.

5. High-Fat Meats

High-fat meats or the red meats are one food that you have to stay away from during acidic refluxes. Red meats such as pork, beef, and lamb are extremely hard to digest and this makes them stay in your digestive system for a longer duration. Due to this unwanted pressure may be exerted our digestive tracks and this can make the stomach contents to rise up leading to acidity. Having such meats also causes the acidity to linger for longer durations in our system. Also, they are not too advisable for your heart. Try to limit their consumption and firmly avoid them during acidity.

6. Aerated Beverages

There are some people who drink in carbonated or aerated drinks with an assumption that it causes them to burp- thus releasing the acidity. This is incorrect in many ways. First, they do not cause you to burp and secondly they do not lessen your acidic levels. Carbonated drinks are themselves acidic in character. They in a way worsen the situation of your acidity. Also, in the long run, such drinks can cause more harm permanently. It would be wise to limit them or keep off them completely.



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