Things You Should Know Before Getting a Massage

Many times, when people are feeling tense and stressed, they will go see a massage therapist. A massage therapist knows just which muscles to manipulate to make you feel better. They have been trained well and can help with just about any issue.

A massage can help with many things, including relieving stress, improving immunity, improving circulation, and relieving anxiety. They can help you in ways that you couldn’t imagine. It is worth spending a few dollars for the relief that they can provide.

There are many places that you can go to get a massage. You could go to RMT in Vancouver to see what they have to offer. They have been in business for a while now and can answer any questions that you might have.

This article will help you to get ready for your first massage. It will give you some ideas of what to do and what to avoid before you go. You can also do more research to find the information you might need.

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Things to Know

  1. You Should Be Early –Your massage therapist wants you to get the full benefit of your time. If you arrive ten minutes early, you can have a brief discussion with the therapist and get undressed for your massage. If you are late, you won’t get your full-time because there is someone waiting for their massage right after yours.

If you are late, this can cause a cascade effect that causes everyone else to be late as well. This isn’t fair to the other customers or the therapist. Be early so that everyone else can get what they deserve.

  1. You Can Get Naked –If you feel comfortable doing so, you should wait until the therapist leaves the room. You will be provided with a cloth to drape yourself with. Please cover yourself, and the therapist will uncover the parts of you that they will be working on.

Even if you are comfortable with nudity, it doesn’t mean that your masseuse wants to see all of you at once. They don’t want to see you all up close and personal. They will keep you draped except where they need to uncover you.

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  1. You Can Ask for More or Less Pressure –Your masseuse will not take offense if you ask them to provide more or less pressure. They would rather you speak to them and let them know what you want. They can’t tell what you want unless you speak up.

If you have open communication with your therapist, you will get the best possible experience. You don’t have to speak the whole time, but it helps to let them know what you like and what you don’t like. This way, they can personalize your experience.

  1. Don’t Wear Perfume or Aftershave –Your massage therapist needs to get up close and personal with you, and they don’t want to smell your perfume or aftershave. They might have allergies to your fragrance or the person after you might be. Do everyone a favor, and just don’t use it the day of your massage.

Since you will be there for an hour or more, the strong odors might offend your masseuse. You don’t want to do that – you want it to be a pleasant experience. Think about that before you put on your favorite fragrance.

  1. It Shouldn’t Hurt – You shouldn’t feel any pain, and if you do, let your therapist know. If they are causing pain, they could be bruising a muscle, and neither of you wants that to happen: You might feel slight discomfort, but if it is more than that, let your therapist know.

This is another reason that it is important to keep the lines of communication open. You want to make sure that you are being treated appropriately, and only you can speak up and let them know. The therapist may not know if they are giving too much pressure.

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  1. Let Them Know if You Are Ailing –Your therapist will need to know if there have been changes in your condition since the last time you were there. This is especially important if this is your first time and you have ailments they should know about. You don’t want to be hurt more because the therapist puts more pressure on you than necessary.

If you have a topical medication on you, it is especially important to let the masseuse know. They will be absorbing the medication as much as you. You should also let them know if you are on blood thinners because this could make youget bruises easier.

  1. You Don’t Have to Talk –Unless you have something important to say about your condition or about the pressure, you don’t have to talk. You can if you want, but carrying on a conversation is unnecessary. Some people will feel more comfortable talking, while others will be more comfortable being quiet.

The biggest objective for you while at your session is to relax, so you need to do what is best for you to do that. You want to be as relaxed as possible during your session so that the massage will do its job. Speaking or not speaking can affect that for you.

  1. You Need to Remember to Breathe – Without intending to, you will sometimes forget to breathe during your session, or you will hold your breath. You need to remember to breathe in steady, rhythmicbreaths during your session. This will also help you to relax more.

You want to breathe deeply and fully so that your blood is oxygenated to aid your sore muscles. If you breathe in this way, it also helps to alleviate chronic pain. Breathing correctly is an important part of your session.

  1. After Your Appointment, Drink Lots of Water –Your muscles will become dehydrated during your massage, so you need to make sure that you drink lots of water after your session. See here to learn why drinking water is important. This will rehydrate the muscles so that they aren’t as sore. You want to replace all the water that you lost, so you need to drink more.

There is also metabolic waste that occurs during your session. Water will help to remove this from your system. Drinking lots of water will help to remove this new waste from your kidneys.

  1. Have a Warm Shower Before Your Massage –You will want to take a nice warm shower before your massage. This will loosen up your muscles and get them ready for your session. This will release tension for you, as well.

Your therapist will also enjoy the session better if you have showered beforehand. Having odors, especially those that come along with not showering, will make the massage less enjoyable for both of you. You will also feel better if you are clean for your massage.

  1. Workout Before a Massage –You want to work out before your session and not after. If you workout after your massage, you will likely injure muscles that were just relaxed. You want to allow your body to heal after your massage.

You want to wait at least twenty-four hours before working out. You don’t want to be too tired and risk harming yourself. This would do more damage than your massage could fix

  1. Time it Appropriately –Some people feel better by waking up to a massage. Others feel that they are better after a long day at work. You must decide which is best for you.

There are appointments available during the entire day, so you can pick a time that works best for you. You might have a job that ends at a different time than someone else, so you can go after work even if your job ends at seven in the morning. Plan for a time that is best for your schedule.

  1. Bodily Functions Happen –Massages not only relax you, but they are also good for digestion. Your body may make noises that you don’t expect. You may even experience flatulence. This is all completely normal, and your therapist expects it to happen.

To reduce the possibility of this happening, avoid eating for a while before your massage. You may also want to use the bathroom before you begin. This will help to ease your discomfort, knowing that you have done what you can to prevent this from happening.

  1. Don’t Wear Makeup –Don’t wear any makeup before your session – it can smear on your face and the face cradle. You may be charged extra if your makeup ruins the silk that covers the face cradle. Avoid this by not wearing any makeup, especially mascara, foundation, and lipstick.


                There are many things that you should do before you have a massage. Many of these things are just common courtesy, while others will help your massage improve. All of them are important for different reasons. You want to ensure you are completely relaxed after your massage, and these tips will help you make that happen.



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