Car Shipping: Do You Need Insurance & How to Get It?

If there is one thing that you don’t want to do, then it is this. You don’t want to spend days and days driving your vehicle to, say, a different state. Whether you are moving, or need to have the car moved for one reason or another, you will want to search for a simpler solution. The simpler solution, of course, consists of working with professional shipping companies.

While you’re absolutely certain that using their services is what you want, there is one thing you are wondering. One question swirling around in your mind – do you need insurance to ship cars or can you go without it? No doubt that it is a highly important question and that you need to get your answer before making any final decisions.

You may have talked to other people about this already. Some may have recommended insurance, while others may have been strongly against it. The contradicting opinions have probably made you more confused than you initially were, which is why you cannot make the final decision on whether you should get it or not. I get that. Letting other people share their thoughts can be just as confusing as it can be helpful.

Since you’re confused, you are looking for a clear and final answer on whether you should worry about insurance when shipping your vehicle. You don’t want any more contradicting opinions. Instead, you want to know precisely what to do next, that is, whether to ignore the insurance completely, or whether to aim at getting a good coverage. So, let me provide you with that clear answer that you are after.

Do You Need Insurance When Shipping Your Car?

You absolutely do need insurance when shipping your car. By having it, you will ensure greater protection for your vehicle, as well as for your finances. Instead of sitting back, biting your nails and counting the minutes until your car arrives to its new destination, you will get to relax, knowing that everything will work out well for you, and that you won’t need to be concerned about some serious additional costs.

If still unsure whether you should ship, this should help:

What about all of those people claiming that you don’t need the coverage? Why are they doing that? Well, they may have taken such a risk in the past, and the risk may have paid off. In different words, they may have shipped their car without insurance, and the car may have arrived without even a scratch on it. This, however, is not a risk worth taking, because you can never really know what may happen during the transportation process, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Another reason why they may be against insurance is because they have never used these services in the past, and they are assuming that nothing bad can happen. Making such assumptions is quite easy when it is not your car on the line. Once again, taking those serious risks is not the best idea, because the road can be unpredictable, and it can sometimes be difficult to avoid certain damage. To repeat, being safe is better than being sorry.

So, to sum things up, you do need insurance when shipping your car. Not because you are expecting something bad to happen, but because you want to be prepared and safe if it does. With the perfect coverage, you won’t have to worry about the costs of the damage, as you will get compensated for any dents, scratches, or anything else that could happen while the professionals are transporting your auto. Read more about the reasons to ship a car instead of drive it, in case you still haven’t decided.

How to Get It?

Once you realize that getting insurance is a must, you will want to ensure that you are perfectly covered during the transport, and that you are paying for something that is worth it. Most great companies will include the insurance fee into the overall shipping fee, but one quick question will let you know precisely how much they charge for the coverage. You want the price to be fair and, most importantly, you want to be covered for anything that could happen.

So as to get the perfect solution, thus, you will need to work with the perfect transportation firm. Meaning, therefore, that doing extensive research about them is a must, starting with checking their experience and reputation, and ending with checking the actual insurance coverage and the fees. Once you get all the important information and compare it, you will have a clear idea about what it is that you can get from which companies, which will undeniably make it easier for you to decide which one to work with. Choosing the perfect professionals will lead to getting high quality services and, naturally, great insurance coverage.


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