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Why is Our Youth Opting for Smile Eye Surgery? Know More

The number of young people suffering from eyesight complications is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Myopia and hypermetropia are two of the most common eye conditions affecting youngsters today. 

These conditions are easily treatable using prescribed glasses and laser surgery. Over time owing to the technological advancement in the medical field, there have been many new, less invasive forms of surgery. One of these is smile eye surgery. This blog will shed some light on what this surgery entails and how it differs from LASIK eye surgery. 

What is Smile Eye Surgery?

SMILE is an abbreviation for small incision lenticule extraction, a bladeless and minimally invasive procedure. This eye surgery is a great alternative to LASIK or LASEK treatment and can be done on people with astigmatism. With astigmatism, the lens inside the eye or the front surface of the eye is differently bent in one direction compared to the other. Vision blurring is a common symptom of this condition. 

Relex smile eye surgery is the most recently developed laser eye surgery which has earned consideration for widespread treatment. The main reason why people prefer a smile over any other form of eye laser surgery is because of how minimally invasive it is. Another attractive feature of this type of surgery is its minimal recovery time. 

The recovery span after a relex SMILE surgery is as little as two to three weeks. With over 3 million successful operations, SMILE has become a safe and reliable surgery option for many people. When a patient suffers nearsightedness (myopia), astigmatism, or even a mix of the two, SMILE laser eye surgery may be appropriate. The best candidates for this procedure often meet the two following requirements:

  • Patients with myopia between -1.00D and -10.00D can have their vision corrected with SMILE eye surgery.
  • Due to the little incision made in the cornea, likely, the patient may not feel their eyes drying as much as they would with any other procedure.

SMILE presents a compelling alternative for patients with either of these issues since it shortens the patient’s exposure time during the treatment while still providing a precise vision correction.

SMILE Eye Surgery Procedure

A sizable hole is needed for the excimer laser to remodel the underlying cornea during LASIK. Whereas, in a SMILE eye surgery, the lenticular can be removed with just a very small incision, typically less than 4 mm. 

In the SMILE operation, the doctor shapes a tiny piece of corneal tissue (a lenticular) into the shape of a lens using a femtosecond laser. The surgeon next removes the lenticule through this small arc-shaped incision produced on the cornea’s surface using the same laser.

SMILE vs LASIK: What’s The Difference?

Both SMILE and LASIK are safe and reliable surgical procedures for vision correction. The end goal of both types of surgery is to correct the refractive error of the patient’s cornea by reshaping their cornea using laser. What is different is their method of correction. 

The main distinction in LASIK is using a femtosecond laser first to cut a circular corneal flap. The corneal flap is elevated once it has been formed. The necessary corneal tissue is then removed by the surgeon, who uses an excimer laser to remodel the underlying stroma to rectify eyesight. When comparing LASIK to SMILE, LASIK is more adaptable since it can treat more refractive problems, including farsightedness (hypermetropia).

Take The Next Step with Dr Agarwal

Now that you are more informed about Relex SMILE laser eye surgery, its numerous advantages, and your possible eligibility for it, maybe you are better prepared to make an informed decision.

The best course of action if you are considering laser vision correction is to schedule a consultation with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital. Their surgeons can give specialised advice, address any concerns you may have, and determine whether SMILE laser eye surgery is the right choice for your needs. They are known for providing best-in-class treatments for a variety of eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, squint, and more.

Visit their official website for more information.


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