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Some Interesting Fact About Havells Water Purifier

Havells is one of the most rapidly developing and well-known brand names globally. The company entered the market with its first water purifier in 2017 and has not looked back since.

As the number of water pollution sources increases daily, it is essential to have a Havells water purifier. Many customers rely on these cleaners to ensure total contamination-free operation.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn more about the brand since it provides the finest service to its customers? 

In the water purifier sector, Havells requires no introduction. The firm has effectively built its position to manufacture one of India’s top water purifiers on EMI and is hence one of the most trusted brands among customers. But did you know that Havells has to put in its fair share of effort and hard work to achieve this level of success?

Let us guide you through the history and other important components of the Havells brand’s ascent.

Havells began its adventure in 1983 when it registered as “Havells Pvt. Ltd.” On August 8th. Later, in 1992, the brand transitioned from a private firm to the public domain and became known as Havells India Limited. Mr. Qimat Rai Gupta worked hard to establish and grow the firm.

Surprisingly, today’s brand is recognized for its worldwide performance and significant income was founded with just INR 10,000. The brand operates at 23 locations and provides a diverse choice of high-quality items. The following are some of the goods made under the brand:

  • Appliances for the home and kitchen
  • Products for the home, industry, and commerce
  • LED lighting, fans, modular switches, and wiring accessories are available.
  • Water purifiers and warmers, for example.
  • Havells has effectively earned a distinctive place in the market via constant and continuing efforts and devotion. Each item has a distinct characteristic that distinguishes it from the competition.

The business has developed several significant technology breakthroughs in its goods throughout time, which people have progressively embraced. The brand is dedicated to providing the greatest customer-oriented items built with transparency and new concepts. Their passion and vision clearly may be seen in their specially manufactured and constructed water purifiers.

Given the brand’s innovative approach and genuineness, it is safe to predict that it will remain a prominent and trendy name in the Indian market.

What do people think of the Havells brand?

Havells water purifiers are developed with various features that serve as important selling points. To name a few, we have:

  • They provide 100% RO and UV water treatment.
  • The cleaners use Minerals Fortification to balance the required quantity of minerals.
  • Havells purifiers have iProtect purification monitoring.
  • Havells water purifier also includes customer-oriented warnings for optimal convenience and auto water shut-off features like that in eureka Forbes water purifier.
  • Furthermore, these cleaners have an attractive and contemporary style that will make them the center of attention.
  • They are also tiny and lightweight to facilitate user maintenance.

What is it that people dislike about the Havells brand?

Though all Havells purifiers are fantastic in functions and aesthetics, they need maintenance. The biggest complaint that most Havells water filter consumers have is that they are costly to maintain. Some Havells water purifier may need consumers to pay much more on device maintenance than Eureka Forbes water purifiers.

Aside from that, there would be no complaints or difficulties with the brand’s water purifiers’ performance and dependability.

What are sets of Havells unique from other water purifier manufacturers?

Havells is a well-known and renowned brand name in the Indian market for various reasons.

Havells assures that all of its water purifiers are designed with creative, cutting-edge technology to provide optimum convenience to consumers. Havells, among many other brands, provides features such as:

  • Faucet with the soft-touch operation
  • Installation in a corner
  • The intelligent user interface, for example.
  • The company designs its goods to meet the diverse demands of its customers, ensuring that every devoted consumer receives their desired product with effective and satisfying performance without any difficulties or trouble.


Havells water purifier’s excellent filtration guarantees that the brand stands out from the pack. All of the Havells purifiers listed are excellent. However, we suggest the Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO and UV Water Purifier.

Were you looking for solutions to get the best water purifiers at affordable prices? You may choose an online platform, such as the Bajaj Mall, from where you may buy things on No Cost EMI. You may pay your balance over a convenient tenor that might vary from 3 to 24 months. In addition, if you pick a model from the exclusive collection, you may take advantage of the zero-down payment option, so you can begin enjoying the RO and UV Water Purifier without making any upfront payment. The EMI Store’s primary function is to facilitate your financial planning.

This cleaner’s ideal blend of remarkable functionality and beautiful appearance distinguishes this cleaner. This may be seen as a comprehensive product that provides nutritious and safe drinking water and ease of use and accessibility.


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