Top Health Benefits Of Playing Ice Hockey

A game of ice hockey involves two teams of skaters competing on an ice rink. There are six skaters on each team. Goal is to propel the puck past the goal line and into a net guarded by a goalie. This sport is popular because it has high speeds and physical contact. 

It is not the main purpose of this article to discuss ice hockey, but to discuss the benefits that playing ice hockey has on your health, so without further ado let’s discuss the benefits of playing ice hockey.

1•  Helps To Maintain Health

The game of ice hockey is a game of speed, so it is a good way to maintain health because it burns fat and calories. Short bursts of energy are required to play the game at a fast pace, which burns tons of calories. 

Keeping your physique in good shape and staying healthy is easy when you play ice hockey every day, just imagine that by playing this wonderful sport you can lose weight while maintaining your health at the same time.

2• Brain Boost

In addition to the physiological benefits that exercise has, hockey has an added benefit of providing an extra brain boost. Exercise releases endorphins, which can ease feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. The skill of decision making required by hockey can also be learned on the ice or on the field and can be applied to everyday life. 

3• Develops the Spirit of Teamwork

Having a team of 11 people will help you to learn the spirit of teamwork since every player will be working towards a common goal and victory together. Playing ice hockey regularly will help you to develop this spirit. 

It only takes one look at some of the NHL games to understand which teams have great teamwork, and others that are lacking. Not only this, but if you like the NHL and want to follow the NHL best bets, it is important to understand which teams have the best teamwork.

4• Helps To Improve Communication 

Hockey requires the player to convey messages through his or her eyes and gestures. In addition to leading to success on the ice when communicating with a teammate during a fast play, it also leads to an improvement in the communication skills of the players. 

5• Cardio

In our entire body, there is only one organ that works without rest or respite, until the day we die; that organ is our heart; and our health is related to it. It is true that hockey is a physically demanding sport, but that physical stress will ensure our cardio becomes stronger each and every time.

6• Enhanced Muscular Strength

Hockey helps develop leg and core muscles, as well as strengthening the waist and arm muscles. Strengthening muscle and improving athletic performance are two benefits of playing this sport. It is now fairly evident that hockey enhances muscular strength as well as assists in improving bone strength, strengthening connective tissues, and improving muscle mass.

7• Helps To Learn Respect

Besides teaching life skills for children and youths, one of the benefits of this game is that it builds sportsmanship. The teams are expected to line up at the center after the match, regardless of whether either team won or lost. 

Congratulations are a way for each team to show appreciation to the other. The losing team essentially acknowledges the effort of the winning team. In the same manner, shaking hands is also very important because doing so teaches respect for everyone. 


There are many more benefits of playing ice hockey than the ones listed above, although it is not possible to incorporate them all in this short piece. All the benefits that are listed are very common in our everyday lives. We would appreciate your input if we missed any other common health benefits of ice hockey


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