How this Indoor Cycling App is Helping the Community of Fitness Enthusiasts

Are you a cycling aficionado who loves to cycle to your work and everywhere you go? Then you would know the therapeutic benefits of cycling. It makes you a fit and better person from the inside. However, if your day is filled with frequent business travellers and meetings, you might not get the time to cycle and get fit. This is why cycling inside the home is easier for you.

One disadvantage of cycling inside the home is it is demotivating and lonely. Moreover, there are no visual cues and stimulants to make the journey and trip exciting.

Enter the new world of Vingo, you can get the solution for all these problems. The indoor cycling app has been designed especially to make your cycling sessions exciting. It is a feature filled app that provides a number of exciting options.

Enter the Virtual World of Vingo

Vingo is a virtual world that has a number of exciting locations in it. If you have already played Half Life, Delta Force or Unreal Tournament and other games, it will be easy for you to relate. The visuals will be ultra realistics like those. At the same time, the game play is not filled with violence and blood. Instead it demands you to cycle in real life.

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You can connect the app with your exercise cycle and it is easy. The app will automatically detect your speed and your avatar will move inside the game. As of now, you can use the app on a number of devices that use Windows. In the near future the app will be available on other platforms too. This way, your indoor cycling experience gets accentuated and becomes better.

Connect with Online & Offline Friends

Vingo also provides voice chat as an option. So, you can connect with people who are exploring the same place as you or even with the people who are your real life friends. 

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In fact, you can join virtual communities in Vingo. These communities conduct friendly competitions and help you to stay motivated. Use Vingo to widen your network and become better, physically and as a person. 

Create Your Avatar in Vingo

Create your own avatar inside the Vingo. You can simply upload your photo and create it. You can also add attractive dresses and gears to make you look good inside the app. Get a personalised avatar that your friends and family can immediately recognise. So, you look the same in the virtual world too.

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Take Your Dog Friend With You

Most cyclists prefer to take a pet animal with them. If you like a dog to accompany you, you can do that. You can take your personalised canine friend with you when you cycle. It is similar to adding an outfit to your personal avatar. Just select the type of dog you want to have & it will come with you. Vingo is a complete and holistic app for online cycling that you can find in 2022.


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