Top 3 ways to receive money from the employer: 2023 edition

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It is hard to believe that not that long ago (40 years to be specific) the only way to have money in your pocket was cash. This factor alone slows down so many processes in the economy, the moment all the shops started to accept plastic cards their service time was reduced substantially. Not to mention, the funds became more secure due to the fact customers need a code to make a purchase. Today there are even more payment means, and the best of them will be discussed below.

The main goal of this article is to help you to choose an optimal way to get paid for your work on https://www.dayoadetiloye.com/on-demand-pay/. Most of the time it is not a simple bank account where you keep money coming from somewhere, more often it is the one your tax is taken from (state-dependant). Looking at the topic from this angle, as well as from the legal perspective, it will help you find the mean of receiving money from your employer.

Familiar payment methods explained

Starting with the good old cash, the way of keeping money soon to be forgotten. A massive wave of anti-cash discussions about the world is happening right now, in 2023. One of the possible outcomes, if people will not protest, is the digitalization of money. Your funds will no longer be private. The state will be monitoring how much money do you receive for your work, how much do you spend, and how much do you save. Soon they will develop tools to control and block unreliable citizens. Look over there, it is not a dystopian future, China’s government is doing it right now!

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But enough with grim predictions, cash is still a reliable way to receive and keep money. Fewer and fewer employers are willing to pay their workers in cash, but some of them are still doing it. You can ensure the safety of your funds by receiving them hand-to-hand.

Plastic cards are a go-to in the modern world. Most shops and services accept them more willingly than cash. Online shopping has this technology as a foundation! Yet, the fact that you are not technically own the money you have earned may be a thing to consider. Your bank supervises operations with the card by sending money one way or another. Possible implications are account locking and transaction fees.

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Cogs of the future

Looking for an alternative to traditional payment systems? Use cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology allows digital tokens to be transferred in an instant without any 3rd party involved. The process is described in a lengthy scientific paper, but, please, do not bother, just use crypto. How to start:

  • create a cryptowallet;
  • buy tokens on one of the exchanges;
  • make transfers, do shopping or just invest in cryptocurrencies.

The main drawback of Blockchain technology is the innovation it brings to the table. Banking giants are trying to suppress the spread of crypto with regulatory legislation and corruption. But fear not, this young technology is the future of finances. Learn about it today!

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