How do professional football players train to stay in good shape?

When it comes to football, in addition to skills, style, or gameplay, fans of this sport are also curious about the physical training process as well as the training regime of the football players. Professional players always have healthy bodies, speed, and endurance. You can clearly see their skimming ability, fighting ability, and endurance throughout 90 minutes on the field during matches through reputable sports betting sites like sport bet Zambia. To be able to compete continuously in all competitions, football players will always have experts to support them in training as well as dietary management, which helps players always be at their best on the field so they can show off their best skills every time they play. In this article, let’s find out how professional football players train physically.

The importance of physical training

Fitness is extremely important for everyone, not just football players. Not only that, football is a sport, and if you only have skills, it is not enough, you also need to be able to choose and have superior endurance compared to others. 90 minutes on the field is 90 minutes of continuous running of the players, in a large yard, they have to move up and down continuously, not only that but also have to speed up before the attacks of the opposing team. Running is not enough, professional football players also have to compete for the ball with opposing team players, all of which make fitness very easy to lose and sometimes cause unnecessary injuries. There are many cases of players collapsing on the field due to exhaustion or serious injuries due to their lack of physical strength, so for football, physical training is a vital method for the players. Players can shine through 90 minutes on the pitch and keep them in shape to show off their class skills. So, what exercises are they trained through?

Exercises to increase speed

Speed ​​in football is very important, a team should only play at a steady tempo for short periods of time, then they need speed to attack and get past the opposing players. Speed ​​is an extremely important factor to evaluate the level and skill of a football player, especially when the team is overwhelmed by the opponent and you have to counter-attack quickly, this is when speed will decide everything. Therefore, the single-leg squat is one of the most favorite moves by health professionals choose for professional football players. This is a movement that directs the center of gravity to a single foot, it helps the players increase strength in the legs and can be flexible in the process of accelerating when counter-attacking. In addition, there are other physical exercises such as jumping rope, swimming, and cycling, …

Exercises to increase muscle

Muscles for players are extremely important, it not only helps them increase their fitness but also helps them increase their ability to compete on the field. The players are always tall and big thanks to the fact that they regularly practice exercises specifically for muscle development. The most prominent exercises that can be mentioned are the half squat, leg press, these are exercises that help increase thigh muscles and increase endurance in the legs so that the players can run sustainably on the field for a full 90 minutes and don’t feel fatigue or cramps. In addition, there are exercises with weights to help increase muscles for the whole body, this exercise will help tone the muscles and increase the endurance of the players. All professional players must undergo such exercises to be able to have the strongest body.

Workout at home

In addition to the hours of practice at the training ground, the players still need to regularly practice at home, even when they are on holiday or football tournaments are suspended, this helps the players maintain good shape and make them stronger and healthier. Depending on the needs of each player, they will have different ways of exercising at home, maybe push-ups. The fixed number of push-ups of professional players is over 40, they can practice less on days off but must continuously maintain and not stop a single day. If they choose to run, then it is best for them to run 4 km a day, this will ensure that their legs are always used to the non-stop movement and bring flexibility to the legs. The next exercise that must be practiced at home is crunching, a professional player will do 40 crunches a day, or they can split it into two training sessions during the day. This movement will make the body not have excess fat and increase muscle in the abdomen. Professional players also often choose plank exercises, this exercise does not need too much movement but has a very strong impact on the body, especially the abdomen and thighs. It helps to tone the abdominal muscles and create supple muscles for the players, not only that but also helps them to exercise endurance.

football players

Most professional players have home gyms with personal instructors. They are always aware of the importance of exercise and never intend to give up exercising every day. This not only makes them improve their health but also helps the players get in good shape to show off their skills when playing on the field. The daily practice also forms good habits and helps the players always have full physical strength. With players in their 40s, thanks to hard training, they are even appreciated by health experts when their physical condition is no different from that of players in their 20s. good health, they will have more time to stick with football and contribute more victories to the fans.

Through this article, you can see that the training regime of a professional player is extremely rigorous, it requires regularity, continuity, and most importantly, the awareness of the person participating in the practice. It is the above factors that will help professional players always have good fitness and give their best on the field every time the new season begins.


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