Top Features for Fantasy Cricket Fans

Fantasy cricket has become one of the most popular platforms over the last few years in India. The platform was introduced over a decade ago, but it began to boom a few years ago, especially during the 2020 lockdown period. Fantasy cricket played a very instrumental role to make the sport more interesting, engaging, and entertaining for the fans. The rising popularity of Cricket led to the enormous success of fantasy cricket in recent years in India. Cricket is the most popular sport that is played and enjoyed by people of all age groups over the last several decades. 

Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill that involves creating a team of eleven real-life players based on their recent performances and form to participate in a league or contest. The platform allows the fans to make the best use of their knowledge and understanding of the sport to defeat their opponents. Fantasy Cricket has changed the way fans watch the sport. It allows the fans to get involved in the game rather than being mere watchers or spectators of the sport. Fantasy Cricket has grown enormously over the last few years and the platform to expect to grow further in the coming years. 

Today, there are several Fantasy Cricket apps and websites available. However, every app has its own features that will make it interesting for the fans to play. A free fantasy cricket app where you have to pay a nominal entry fee, and you can win real cash. There are certain features that are not just common but important as well while playing Fantasy Cricket. 


Here Are Five Top Features in Fantasy Cricket App

  • Players Statistics

Players statistics is one of the most important features in Fantasy Cricket. The feature gives access to statistical information about the players, which includes players’ recent form, career stats, and performance in specific. Players’ statistics will be beneficial for Fantasy Cricket fans as it provides insight into which players are currently performing and who might be the most reliable players for their fantasy teams. Moreover, users can also identify the players who are likely to perform in particular conditions, such as spin-friendly pitches or batting-friendly pitches. Players’ Statistics will help the users make informed decisions and increase the potential of winning. 

  • Substitution of Players 

Substitution of Players should be one of the essential features in Fantasy Cricket. This feature will help the users to make changes in their team during a match if any player is injured or unable to perform due to any reason. The optional players (maximum four) selected by you will be automatically added to your playing XI during the match. You can edit the team after the team is announced. This feature minimizes the risk of the predictability factor. Moreover, the Substitution of Players feature adds a level of strategy and flexibility to Fantasy Cricket. 

  • Multiple Leagues 

The ability to join Multiple Leagues is one of the most important features of Fantasy Cricket. This feature allows every player to participate in different formats, each with their own rules and scoring system. Every Fantasy Cricket app has multiple leagues and each league has its own entry fee and cash rewards. Multiple Leagues will allow players to choose the league on the basis of their skill level, availability, and preferred style of play. With multiple leagues, players get the opportunity to compete in a wider pool of opponents, which increases the chances of excitement while playing Fantasy Cricket. 

  • Rewards and Prizes 

Rewards and Prizes are one of the most popular features in Fantasy Cricket. Every cricket fan will receive exciting cash rewards based on the points they have earned while playing the game. Rewards and Prizes provide an incentive for users to participate in Fantasy Cricket and the chance to win exciting cash rewards can motivate the player to put in their best efforts required to create winning teams. This feature provides recognition to the player who performs well in Fantasy Cricket. Winning a prize or reward can be a source of pride and accomplishment for players and can serve as an acknowledgment of their effort and skill. 

  • Leaderboards 

Leaderboards are one of the most important features in Fantasy Cricket. Leaderboards are used to rank and compare the performance of the users participating in a fantasy cricket league or Contest. A leaderboard displays the scores or points of all the participants and shows who is currently leading in the competition. Leaderboards are important as they provide a sense of competition and motivate players to perform better. They also help players to measure their own performance against that of other participants and see where they stand in the league.


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