The oldest football stadium ever

Across the world it is possible to find lots of fantastic football stadiums. Some entertaining football matches today live are played over those places, and the 1xBet online bookmaker is the perfect destination to wager on them.

Yet, no stadium is older than Sandygate. This is a football facility located in the city of Sheffield, England. Specifically, it is placed in the Crosspool area of the city. Throughout its more than 150 years of history, it has seen some historic moments taking place in its facility. For example, it saw many editions of the Rules Derby, which is one of the most iconic football matches in England. Punters can also watch and wager on other live football matches today on 1xBet, which also has contests from other places around the world.

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History of the venue

Cricket was a sport that was created literally centuries before football. For this reason, the place where Sandygate is currently located was first used as a cricket ground. It first opened in 1804, and it was employed mostly for this discipline until 1860. Other great events can be wagered on the website, and platform has a huge selection of cricket events too.

In 1860, and after the establishment of teams like Sheffield F.C. and Hallam F.C., the facility underwent important modifications. Specifically, Sandygate was adjusted in order to become the first stadium in the entire world to be fully dedicated to football. Since then, many interesting matches have been played in this place. Other great football matches can always be wagered on the 1xBet online bookmaker.

A small venue

Despite its history, Sandygate is a small facility. It can host only 700 spectators. Of them, only 200 can be sitting at any moment. Yet, this hasn’t been a problem when playing matches between Hallam and Sheffield. In fact, the 26th of December 1860 is a date that is part of the history of football. On that day, the first official football game ever between two established teams was played, which was precisely between those two squads. The website can also be used to wager on lots of basketball events.

The 700 spectators that can be sitting in this place are arranged in three different places, which are called:

  • the Shed End;
  • the Main Stand;
  • and the Cricket Net End.

Out of all those three sectors, the Shed End is the most iconic one. Here the home supporters are positioned and they create an intimidating atmosphere for the opponents. Matches played on other iconic football stadiums can always be wagered through the 1xBet online bookmaker.


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