How To Grow 1 inch Taller In A Month

You actually become taller even while you’re asleep. 10 minutes of lying on your back adds 5 mm of height. This happens due to the shrinking of the spine during the day and its returning to shape when you lie down.

You can make this last by doing certain exercises, although remember that an adult whose growth zones have closed (>25 years old) won’t get any astonishing results.

Most Assured Ways To Add Height In 1 Month

Tricky Shoes

If you want an immediate fix simply wear height increasing insoles. Though these do not help you grow taller, they make you appear taller and are very affordable!

If you wish to grow taller naturally, be sure to exercise religiously and eat healthy. This is one combination that is sure to show results! The question of how can I increase height in 1 month is no longer one you don’t have an answer too!

HGH supplements

Human growth hormone (HGH) in the body is also responsible for regulating height. This hormone is highly essential for the growth of cartilage and long bones.

For quick result one can also try HGH products which are available in the market and are not harmful for health. These supplements boost growth hormones level in the body leading to vertical growth.

But, the right dose matters. Thus, it is important consume HGH in the right dosage.

Proper sleep

A good night’s sleep not only helps in the overall well-being but also effects on the growth. Growth hormone(HGH) that affects height is released by the brain during deep sleep. It is important to have good sleep for decent 8 hours in a correct posture.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet and nutrition play a crucial role in getting taller. A healthy meal rich in calcium, vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium helps in nourishment of the body. Incorporate green vegetables, sprouts and fruits in the diet to increase height.


Exercising is the best way to get taller. Start the day every morning with at least 20 minutes of mild to intense stretching and exercises depending upon the capability and flexibility.

Stretching exercises like cat stretch, cobra stretching, twists, will definitely help in adding the extra inches. Hanging from the bars(bar-pulls) 3 to 4 rounds is a great way too.

Do not stress:

Stress interferes with our endocrine system and has a negative effect on the growth by triggering hormones that inhibit our growth.

Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is the major source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for bone growth contributing towards height. Exposing the body to sunlight gets the required dose of vitamin D.

Practice yoga asanas

Along with regular exercising, practicing yoga regularly helps in maintaining the correct posture.

There are yoga asanas such as tadasana and bhujangasana which elongate and strengthen our spine, thus contributing to height gain. Practicing yoga makes the body supple and also stimulate growth hormone.


Cycling, a part of aerobic exercise that helps tone the glute muscles also acts as a stretching exercise that promotes vertical growth.


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