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The Importance Of Dry Ginger

Ginger is a friendly herb. Fresh ginger is usually available but there are times when you may not have it in stock. You can easily keep a pack of dried ginger rhizomes or dried ginger powder  at home for such occasions.
Commonly mistaken for a root, Ginger is actually an underground stem and botanically known as a rhizome. A standard spice- ginger powder in a majority of kitchens all through the world, ginger adds a zing to many a dishes.
Dry ginger powder is much acclaimed for its ability to control gut related problems like acid reflux and ulcerative colitis. Being a thorough anti-inflammatory agent, dry ginger powder  can resolve inflammation in the brain.

Types Of Ginger

1. Fresh Ginger

The best fresh ginger has a delightful aroma, is full fleshed and free of wrinkles. Ayurveda considers fresh ginger to be mild in action, warming, lubricating, producing sweet juices after digestion, pacifier of phlegm and wind, a tonic and restorative.
Ginger mitigates effects of poison, is an anticlotting agent, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antitussive, analgesic, antiviral, expectorant and appetite improver.

2. Dry Ginger

Fresh ginger is thoroughly washed to free it of soil. Then the skin is removed and the whole rhizome is soaked in limewater for a day after which it is dried until moisture content reduces to 10%.

Health Benefits Of Dry Ginger

Ayurveda considers dry ginger  to have properties different from those of fresh ginger.  Dry ginger lubricates, is potent, turns sweet after being digested, is carminative, has a tonic effect on cells and tissues and is a sexual performance enhancer.
Dried ginger powder is more pungent and has more potent stimulating properties and is especially useful for reducing phlegm in the body. In general dry ginger powder is digestive, carminative, aphrodisiac and rejuvenating.
• If you suffer from migraines or painful headaches, mix a spoonful of dry ginger powder in warm water and drink it.
• Mix dry ginger powder with black pepper and long pepper powder.
• Mix dry ginger powder with ghee and jaggery and form small balls.
• If you have a headache, muscular ache or joint pain, make a paste of dry ginger powder and water and apply on affected parts for quick relief.
• Pregnant women benefit by taking a mixture of dry ginger powder and licorice powder mixed with milk at night.

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