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5 Best Accessories for Your Pool


If you want to make the best of your swimming pool, maximize the fun, and wow your friends, family, and neighbors? The easiest and most cost-effective way to boost your pool game is by adding-on these popular accessories. Forget the boring stuff like cleaning and chemicals; this list is for the fun stuff! Pool games, decorative furniture, and everything you can think of that may kick it up a notch in your backyard.

Before we begin, remember that safety around your swimming area is always paramount. For everyone’s safety, have the family read this link in its entirety. It is full of invaluable information that will keep you and your loved ones safe, even if you won’t all be using the pool.


#1. Sun Canopies, Shades, and Parasols

One of the most dangerous parts of summer is the sun, itself. Ironic as it may be, the thing most people want to spend the most time underneath may also be the deadliest, thanks to climate change and the dissolving of the ozone layer, necessary for protecting us from cancerous UV-rays.

As time goes wrong and the problem gets worse, there comes a plethora of products available to mitigate the possible sunburn and associated health complications from the sun:

Best for Style

The most stylish of the options are Parasols but offer the least protection from the sun, as their material is thin and transparent, typically for aesthetic effect. Not a good choice for places with lots of sunshine.

Best for Function

Sun-shades are typically attached to the house and are immovable. They operate as year-round UV blocking architecture but can be expensive and unsightly.

Best Hybrid Shade

The best option, in my opinion, is a canopy. They’re sort of a marriage of shades and parasols and are becoming the most popular due to their versatility in materials and prices.

#2. Floating Lights

These are one of the more popular and most affordable additions to any body of water you feel the need to spice up. They’re perfect and customizable for any occasion, coming in a variety of patterns and colors to compliment your preferred palate.

Want to keep the party going once the sun goes down? Then this is definitely my choice for favorite swimming pool accessory to use on those hot summer nights when I still want to wow my friends with some ambience. Choose a color palette or a color-changing model of lights, the choice is yours!

#3. Floating Bluetooth Speakers

If you don’t have the proper music on your deck or around your swim area, you aren’t doing it right. You want people dancing in-and-out of the water, keeping the soul of summer flowing through you. Thankfully you don’t have to break the bank to afford a floating speaker as they’re usually priced from $15 to $50 at most.

Fun fact: if you are deaf or hard-of-hearing, there are even underwater sound systems that specifically build equipment for “feeling” music in lots of different environments, including your pool!

#4. Floating Drink Holders

If you have a swimming area you know how important social lubrication is to the mix. Whether your choice of spirit is beer or hard liquor, you have to have somewhere safe to stash your beverage so it doesn’t tip over or spill in the pool. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of fun styles and colors of inflatable drink holders all over the internet.

Be it soda or alcohol, this is a great addition for your summer party. However, if you do plan on imbibing or serving alcohol poolside, click the following link for safety tips and recommendations when drinking: You can still have fun and be safe at the same time, I promise.

As long as you’re drinking responsibly, kick it up a notch and get yourself a beer pong inflatable table for your next party! You can have a day full of water competition amongst friends and family, challenging each other to not be the next to vomit in the pool. Remember, if you do happen to get sick you’ll need to drain the pool.

#5. Foot Bath

Keeping your pool and surrounding swimming area clean is, by far, the worst part of being an owner. There’s a myriad of cleaning products and devices you’re just expected to know about and own, and a lot of them are just to keep the dirt and crud out of your water! Thankfully, there’s a cheap fix available to clean those filthy, dirty feet.

Small foot baths sit right outside the area you intend to use and contain a small, clean amount of water that can contain soap or even fragrances in order to transition your hooves from the dirty ground of the earth to the pristine waters of your waters. They are usually under $40 and will make a day-and-night difference to your pool’s ecosystem.


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