What’s So Great About Contact Lenses?

According to the National Health Service, approximately half of all people in the UK suffer from an eyesight problem. A similar number of people participate in daily physical activity. As a result, there’s a good chance that numerous physically active individuals will require corrective eye treatment.

Most people understand the advantages of wearing contact lenses while running, playing football, or working out at the gym. Many others, on the other hand, believe that contacts and sports don’t mix. However, nothing could be further from the truth. We’ll look at why and how cheap contact lenses may enhance your game.

How Contact Lenses Allow You to Perform Better in Sports

Whether you’re a Premier League legend or like to watch tennis with your pals on the weekends, contact lenses can help improve your game and enjoyment. Here’s what you need to know:

There will be no more frame-induced blind spots

It’s tough enough to dig a volley out of the grass at the court’s perimeter while sprinting flat out. Losing the ball behind your glasses just makes matters worse. Attempting to save a shot from the edge of your vision or beyond the frame is like trying to play with your eyes closed. You have complete control of the entire field of view, and the frame-induced blind spot is a thing of the past with contacts, especially multifocal lenses and toric lenses.

Injury risk is decreased

Unless you’ve spent a thousand pounds on cutting-edge sports goggles, the glasses you wear to the pitch, court, or gym are little more than a disaster waiting to happen. You can keep the frame in place by an elasticised band around the back of the head. However, framed glasses are still prone to be knocked out of position by a knock to the head from a football, cricket ball, tennis ball, or opposing player.

Avoiding Foggy Lenses

When bad eather arrives, people who wear glasses are compelled to clean their foggy lenses. It’s also a significant safety risk during any game or when you’re out pounding the streets on an evening run.

More adaptability

Whether you prefer motorsports, cricket, rugby, or polo, wearing glasses beneath a helmet may be difficult. Quickly turning your helmet can knock your glasses out of position.

Helmets are never a hindrance to contact lenses. As you enter the field of play, all you need to do with contact lenses is to put on your helmet and go out to play like everyone else. 

During the match, if your helmet takes a knock, your contact lenses remain in place so you can keep playing

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses for many reasons. They can provide wearers with corrected vision. They are also less noticeable than glasses. Additionally, contact lenses may be more comfortable for some people to wear than glasses.


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