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Causes Of Excessive Night Sweats And Solution

Night sweats in women are mainly caused due to hormonal imbalances. Night sweats can also be triggered due to food and even some medications. You need to bring a few changes in your diet which can effectively help in minimizing the symptoms. A few foods can be included in the diet which will help in providing all vital nutrients to the body, which can help in minimizing the discomfort. If you are suffering from excessive night sweats, you need to include a few foods in your diet and avoid some foods for your own benefit.

Tips To Reduce Excess Night Sweats:

1. Try Low-Fat Milk:

You might be in love with that high-fat milk or that lovely high fat yogurt, but it might be a big cause for your excessive night sweat. You just need to replace this super delicious high-fat milk, with skimmed low-fat milk, as an adjustment. You can have your morning breakfast with this low-fat milk.

2. Include Dairy and Cheese:

Calcium is an important nutrient which helps in regulating the body temperature. It also helps in suppressing sweats, at night. You can include dairy products like cheese and yogurt in diet, which is low in fat content.You can simp

3. Have Fruits and Vegetables Rich In Water:

What do you have between your breakfast and lunch, if you feel hungry? What do you have when you feel like snacking? Do you realize that having too much spicy food can cause night sweats? You can include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, which will not just load you with minerals and vitamins but will also help in reducing your sweat. Include eggplants, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage and peppers in your diet. You can prepare fresh salads or baked vegetables. You can have fruits rich in water which includes watermelon and grapes.

4. Use Olive Oil For Cooking:

If you wish to reduce night sweating, you need to include olive oil in the diet. It is good for your metabolism and also helps in improving digestion. Olive oil used in cooking is known to reduce the surge of body temperature which causes an increase in sweat. Sweating occurs mainly when the temperature rises and the body starts its cooling mechanism by sweating it out.

5. Have a Cup Of Green Tea Before Sleep:

Green tea is well-known for its amazing calming ability and its power to keep your body hydrated and composed. It helps in keeping the sweat away. If you feel anxious, tensed and worried while going to sleep, it might happen, that you have nightmares and difficulties in sleeping which can cause a lot of night sweat. Have a glass of fresh green tea before you sleep every night. It will help in reducing night time sweats, especially underarm sweat. It will also keep you hydrated and will help you in sleeping.

6. Munch On Almonds:

Almonds are a good source of magnesium, which helps in improving your immune system and digestion. Night sweats can arise when your digestion is problematic and you have eaten a lot of spicy food. Munching almonds keep your digestion easy and comfortable. This helps in reducing night sweats and ensures good sleep. You can munch on almonds as evening snacks whenever you feel hungry. You can also use almonds in the preparation of different desserts.



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