World largest smart phone maker,Samsung electronics,on Tuesday launched its top-of-the-range Galaxy S3 smart phone in Europe.It will be recalled that the south Korean company toppled apple as the world largest smart phones marker with the release of its previous model in 2011.This is coming in its bid to outsell the previous model
The smartphone,with a more rounded outline and a voice recognition is capable of tracking the users eye movement to keep the screen from dimming or going off while in use,hits the stores in over 20 European countries  and the middle East  as Samsung aims to increase its lead over apple months before the release of its iPhone expected soonest

Not less than 80 curious customers queued outside base mobile phone shop in Berlin on Monday night eager to be among the first to get the product

Also in Frankfurt some 100 people were in the queue this morning when the Deutsche Telecom shop on the city’s busiest shopping street The Zeil opened.

“That’s about the same as when the latest iPhone went on sale,” said 21-year old Steven Barth, who was taking orders at the shop. “I think our publicity campaign also helps. We are giving away about a hundred Galaxys today, in this shop.”

The smart phone ,which runs on Google android operating system has a 4.8 inch screen,making it one of the largest smart phone in history..It has a quad core processor and a 500gb o cloud storage

Top global carriers from across Europe and the middle east have started massive promotion of the product making analysts predicts the smart phone may top its predecessor in term of sales

Samsung said it will release the S3 via 296 carriers in 145 countries including major carriers in Africa by July

2012,and also hopes to keep on developing new users friendly product.

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