Restore The Natural Color Of Your Hair And Maintain The Pigmentation Of Then Hair Fibers

We love to temper our curries with it and use it in various health remedies. But have you ever though that this could be used to control your hair loss as well ? Strange isn’t it ?  We all are familiar with medicinal properties of garlic due to which it is being used in various remedies. But apart from this it also works like magic on our hair. Garlic contains high amount of sulfur. Hence when it is applied on scalp it improves the blood circulation of the scalp and promote the hair growth.

You get stronger hair follicles and no more hair thinning. Along with Sulfur it is also enriched with Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin C, Copper and Selenium which are very essential to get healthy mane. If you are facing the issue of premature graying of hair then garlic is solution for you. It helps to restore the natural color of your hair and maintain the pigmentation of then hair fibers.

Now how to use garlic for hair loss ? Simple. By using a Garlic Shampoo. You must be wondering how ? Here we are sharing a homemade recipe of Garlic Shampoo which you can prepare easily at home to control the hair fall and it is far better than those expensive chemical laden shampoos.

Steps To Homemade Garlic Shampoo

Step One

First collect all the ingredients. You would not need to got out to get the ingredients since most of those would be easily available it our home. Take 15 to 20 Fresh Garlic Cloves, One Teaspoon of Olive Oil, Two tablespoons of Water. 10 drop of essential oils of your choice, Four tablespoons of Gentle shampoo or Baby shampoo, A food processor, A spoon, A small bowl and an air tight container or a bottle to store the shampoo.

Step Two

Peel the Garlic cloves and wash it properly. Now Put these cloves in a food processor or grinder with some water. Add Olive oil and essential oils as well. Grind it together to get a smoother consistency. We would recommend using Tea tree Essential oil and Peppermint Essential Oil in this recipe.

Step Three

Once you get the smoother consistency take it our and pour it in the bowl. Now its time to add the shampoo to it. As we discussed in ingredients we would be using gentle shampoo or baby shampoo to keep this recipe with less chemicals.

Step Four

Add four tablespoons of Baby shampoo to the mixture and Mix it well. You can again run this mixture through the blender or food processor to get a creamy and lighter consistency.

Step Five

Now take a clean jar or a bottle. Pour our homemade Garlic Shampoo in it and close the cap. Make sure you store it in a cool and darker place. You can use this homemade Garlic Shampoo twice or thrice a week to wash your hair. It is recommended to give your hair a nice massage with warm olive oil before washing your hair. Take a good time to massage this shampoo on your roots. Do it for at least 10 to 15 minutes before washing off. First rinse off with warm water and follow up with cold water to seal the cuticles. This quantity of shampoo can last up to 4 to 5 washes depending upon length of your hair.



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