The Zirconia Crowns for Damaged and Weak Teeth

Restorative fillings are a popular measure as they restore missing teeth or replace severely damaged ones while they wait for permanent crowns to fix. There are several dental crown materials available for this purpose. An increasingly modern material used in these restorations is zirconia due to the many benefits it can offer its patients. 

Like other body parts, your teeth can deteriorate through normal wear and tear, some types of accidents, or even because your natural teeth are starting to age and erode naturally. The dentists also say that the leading reasons teeth become weakened or worn include decay, injuries, and tooth grinding habits that cause your bite to shift as your teeth grind against one another. Although zirconia crowns cannot return your natural tooth, they will not allow the existing ones to succumb to further decay and deterioration. Zirconia crown patients coming from Oyster Bay, NY, can also vouch for this. If you didn’t know, these crowns could come in handy in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Protection for a weak tooth from fracture
  • Smile improvement
  • Broken or damaged tooth restoration
  • Better bite
  • Support for implants, root canals, and fillings
  • Mask for discoloration and misshapen dental issues

Going by this, it makes sense to dig deeper into this crown material and understand why you may also want to opt for it when a need arises.

Zirconia crown

This type of dental crown uses zirconium oxide, a white, lustrous element, in its composition. Zirconia crowns are strong and durable, and they can restore both the front and back teeth. They are also aesthetic because your dentist can match their color to your natural tooth shade. 

Overall, the strength of these crowns makes them ideal to be thin in their structure. Since crowns replace significant portions of your teeth that may have fallen out or become damaged by trauma or decay, using a thin material allows dentists to preserve more of a patient’s natural tooth tissue. It is always the end goal as it helps patients maintain the healthiest smile possible throughout their lifetime while eliminating worries about sensitivity and other concerns.

Benefits of zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns don’t contain metal like porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns. It means that the chances of your mouth rejecting this crown are pretty bleak because there are no metal parts in the material to set off any alarm bells in your body. To your knowledge, zirconia has been in use for decades for numerous surgical procedures as it is a biocompatible material. So many patients have benefited from this technology throughout the years! 

The lack of metal also has aesthetic benefits. Zirconia’s white color looks just like your natural teeth, so you’ll be able to smile confidently and show off your teeth without feeling self-conscious every time you do so. Even after many years, you can rely on this material not to develop the unsightly line around enamel casings that happen with PFM crowns as gums recede with age.

It can sound repetitive, but zirconia is tough, making it ideal for crowns (or caps). These are like the soldiers that protect your teeth from breaking when you chew food or brush. While they go unnoticed, they’re vital; they keep your teeth healthy and ensure that you still have a complete set at your disposal. However, even this trusted material requires a little care and attention here and there. 

Zirconia crown treatment process

Your dentist may need to remove unhealthy tissue before your treatment can begin. Once the tooth is healthy enough to fit in a crown, they will take a photo of your teeth to share it with their lab to prepare a custom-fit crown. This process may require them to provide you with temporary protection while waiting on the final product. Once it is ready, you will revisit your dentist for further procedures. In this session, they will clean the area after eliminating the temporary crown. Next, they will attach the new crowns to your teeth with the help of dental cement. 

The dentist will ensure that it sits right, allowing you to bite correctly. They can also make minor corrections as required. As soon as the process completes, you can leave for your home and resume your routine.

The lifespan of zirconia crown

The longevity of a dental crown depends on personal habits and how well you treat it. The more conscientious you are, the better. Whether you’re putting forth great care or not, here are some things that can reduce the lifespan of your crown: grinding your teeth, biting down on the ice (which may cause chipping), tearing up packaging with teeth, chewing nails, and not maintaining hygiene. Other things that may affect this length of time include: Drinks like soda or coffee – these break down tooth enamel and run the risk of wearing away at the tooth even more quickly than other drinks if frequently consumed.

As you know, zirconia restorations have been there for years and can be an excellent decision for many patients. Some people hesitate to opt for this, thinking it’s expensive. While it can feel so initially, the cost of the treatment will recover over time. And you can talk to your dentist first to understand how much it will cost. Also, you need to know that large cavities need a solution like this. Amalgam and resin fillings will not work there. Porcelain is an option, but you cannot eliminate the risks like allergic reactions, discoloration, etc.

To be precise, zirconia dental crowns are an excellent option for those looking for a durable and natural-looking crown. The strong and sturdy material can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Additionally, these crowns are white, closer to the color of your natural teeth. If you are considering getting a dental crown, ask your dentist about zirconia crowns. They will check your oral health before suggesting any alternative. Anyway, ensure you don’t leave your damaged or decayed teeth exposed for long, as these can ruin your oral health and well-being. 


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