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Likewise, as a mask, black seed oil can be applied to the skin. Soothing, Rich in vitamin E, endowed with antioxidant properties, it has first of all the advantage of giving a beautiful complexion. Its anti-free radical action, responsible for the premature aging of skin cells, helps keep skin younger for longer.
Black seed oil also soothes sunburns, dermatoses such as atopic eczema or psoriasis, burns, chapped skin, and cleanses the skin. Black seed oil is also a great solution for people with persistent acne, since it does not clog the pores of the skin, but also deeply cleanses.
Black seed oil is ideal for all skin types, even the most oily skin. Contrary to popular belief, the oil does not make the skin greasy since it is non-
comedogenic, that is, it does not cause excess sebum. In cutaneous application, it has been used for centuries for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory but also antifungal qualities.


Taken as a dietary supplement for a fitness cure, black seed oil gives you energy, brings you better balance and increases your general well-being. Black seed oil also improves concentration by stimulating oxygenation in the brain.
Thanks to its stimulating properties, it helps to fight the small blows of slack and keep the brain awake. 2 or 3 teaspoons in the morning on an empty stomach will quickly get you back to hell.

Improved digestive functions:

This oil is also found to be very effective against digestive disorders. It strengthens the intestinal flora while being an excellent antiparasitic.
Nigella sativa promotes the evacuation of gas, bile and gastric juices, it thus resolves problems of gas, stomach pains and intestines, in short gets rid of all the small annoying and irritating problems on a daily basis.

Relieve toothache:

Black seed oil is anti-inflammatory and has analgesic properties. You can therefore relieve your toothaches, gums, throats, mouth ulcers with this oil. By mouthwash combined with apple vinegar or by massaging the area of ​​the jaw that makes you suffer with black seed oil, you will silence the pain and regain serenity. Its anti-bacterial properties help keep a healthy mouth and protect against cavities

Treatment of mycoses:

Black seed oil truly has recognized antifungal qualities. As a reminder, mycoses are due to a fungus normally present in the digestive tract, candida albicans which, under certain conditions, leaves the digestive tract (always this damn digestive system!), And causes affections of the skin, nails or mucous membranes.
As in the case of vaginal yeast infection. The various studies carried out on the subject are unequivocal, the results confirm the effectiveness of Nigella Sativa on the eradication of mycoses and thymoquinone, one of the main active ingredients of the plant, permanently eliminates fungi and other candidiasis.
In case of yeast infection, apply the oil directly to the affected part of the body. For repeated yeast infections, I advise you to apply black seed oil to the part of the body where these fungi tend to appear for prevention.

Reduced blood sugar:

Black seed inhibits the absorption of glucose from the gut, and yes, the gut, always him. Indeed, according to a scientific study, it helps the body to produce more insulin and increases the sensitivity of the muscles to it. Like with sugar, black seed oil influences the way our body absorbs bad fats and lowers cholesterol levels.
In the end, by regulating these levels of sugars and lipids thanks to nigella sativa, it is also our cardiovascular system that we are protecting.

Relief of respiratory disorders:

Black seed oil, due to its antihistamine qualities, is also an excellent remedy for relieving asthma and allergic reactions such as hay fever. It therefore reduces the problems associated with allergic rhinitis and has a beneficial effect on bronchi and ENT disorders.
The mucociliary elimination is improved, which means that our respiratory system is better protected against the micro-molecules present in the air that we breathe in. Thanks to Nivella Sativa, you will breathe better, your bronchi and lungs will be soothed.

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