Top 5 Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants


Today’s dental care options are greater than they have ever been before. For years, the only viable, affordable option for missing teeth was dentures. But there are so many issues that patients have with them including a loose or poor fit, failure to seal properly, lack of bite strength, and many others.

However, when it has come to replacing loose or missing teeth in recent years, dental implants have become the most desirable option, hands down. The fact that they look so much more natural and function significantly better has led to their popularity. 

Here are 5 benefits of these dental devices that provide the best solution for tooth replacement: 

1. They Are Extremely Well Engineered 

An implant is a small metal post (commonly titanium) that is surgically placed in the jawbone to serve as an anchor for a new tooth/teeth. It can be used to replace lost bone, gums, or both. Once they are in place, they are connected to another titanium tube. This is called a connecting bar. 

Once attached, they are cemented into place together, permanently connecting them for maximum strength and stability. A good dental implant can last for several decades

In the rare case they do become damaged, they are easily replaceable as the anchoring system is already in place. It is simply a matter of inserting a new tooth.

2. Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

Because implants are so sturdy and durable, they allow you to eat a much wider variety of foods than traditional dentures would. These include much harder foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and pretzels, chewy or sticky foods, and many others. 

Also unlike dentures, you don’t have to worry about constant shifting or poor sealing with implants. And there are never sore spots on the cheeks or gums. There is also the social aspect of being able to go out to eat with family or friends and not have to worry about your dentures coming loose.

3. Improve Your Confidence and Social Life 

Expanding on the benefits that dental implants have on your social life, patients who use this method of tooth replacement often report an incredible difference in their comfort level when interacting with others. 

Because they never slip or move out of place, you never have to be self-conscious about smiling your biggest smile or laughing as hard as you want.

4. Overall Long Term Health and Wellness

There is a lot of documentation available when it comes to the connection between a healthy mouth and other bodily systems. Poor oral health can lead to issues with your heart, blood pressure, and many others.

There are Various Types of Dental Implants to Best Fit Your Needs

Of the many incredible advancements in today’s dental care field, none are more beneficial than implants. And the fact that you can get a single tooth replacement, a multi-tooth piece, or even the all-on-4 full-mouth implants means you can address your exact dental needs. 



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