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The objective is not to gain massive amounts of points, but to gain a few points while increasing self-awareness and building confidence. League Of Legends (commonly abbreviated as LoL) is an online multiplayer game created by Riot Games in 2009. As of 2014 the game has over 67 million players worldwide; however, this number has been contested by some sources. In LoL Esports players take control of a character called a “champion”, that they then use to compete with other players in battles. Over time, the champion can purchase new skills and abilities that increase their power over others.

In 2014 pro-gamers from Europe competed in a tournament for a chance to win €50,000. The event took place in the EU LCS Studio in Germany which has a capacity of 550 people. The tournament was broadcasted locally and internationally through online streaming services such as, an online website for gamers that has over 58 million users monthly.

What is the audience base of LOL Esports?

The audience was shown multiple times on screen, through the use of a spectator mode. In this mode, gamers can watch players compete without directly being involved themselves. Spectators also have control over a camera which they can use to record or stream their own footage.

LOL Esports has been criticized for the lack of a clear-cut winner in 2014 due to various bugs and software issues. The game also contains a “toxicity” feature which allows players to report others for bad behavior. This action can be taken if another player is found spamming, griefing, or in some cases cheating.

The game has become so popular among young gamers that it is now seen as an official sport across the globe. With its increasing popularity and endurance among young gamers, the game has been declared by many as an Esport (electronic sport). Professional gamers train intensely and make a living off winning tournaments.

Talking about other esport games a like LOL Esports:-

Today there are several games which have been designed to be played competitively including Super Smash Bros, Halo and Starcraft 2. The famous professional gamer for Starcraft 2 is Sasha ‘Scarlett’ Hostyn, who has won over $200,000 competing in various events. With its increasing popularity among gamers, League of Legends is becoming an Esport that more and more young people are getting involved in.

ESports or Electronic Sports (also known as professional gaming) is competitive multiplayer video game play, particularly between professional players organised into teams. Tournaments such as the LOL Esports 2014 world championship and The International 2015 (Dota 2) attract significant online viewership, with at least finals competitions typically selling 100000 tickets within an hour.

What in actual is LOL Esports?

LOL Esports is a multiplayer online battle area(MOBA) game title developed by Riot Video games. Although it certainly is the most popular game in this category, it is certainly not the first of its kind. The very first title to introduce the MOBA style was Starcraft II which was released in 2010.

Pioneered by Riot Game titles, League of Legends takes inspiration from Dota 2, which had been built on the Warcraft III engine. LOL Esports developers also expanded on the concept by including a 3rd map, referred to as “The Twisted Treeline,” and adding regular content updates.


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