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Effective Refreshing Drinks To Take Every morning

Working a full-time job I really had little time for anything active and half the time I used to feel exhausted. Yes, I was part of the generation that had taken pride in gobbling down a store bought energy drink most of the times. I even was on the lookout for the best drinks that have come up in the market and I was the first to review them in our office. One fine day, it all changed.

A visit to a doctor’s changed my perception of these so called energy drinks. Are these energy drinks that worthy that we drink them without any second thoughts? Do they really make us energetic as they promise in the cartons and the wrappers? More importantly – are they good for our health?

Store bought energy drinks can be trustworthy- but only to an extent. They are invariably loaded with calories and so while at the same time it replenishes our body, the same acts negatively too. Also, they are never meant to be had regularly. Our body needs an energy booster frequently as the works we do are taxing and we seldom get time to eat healthy foods. Added to this, our body gets frequently affected by common health conditions like diarrhea, sweating, and nausea, which make us weak and fragile.

Health drinks are a must under those circumstances where we have to replenish the lost electrolytes and it would be safer to make one at home than to get a store bought one. Most of the homemade energy drinks are easy to make and don’t cost a dime. Also, you have the complete freedom to choose the flavors and use it as per your imaginations. Sounds interesting, right?  We have taken the liberty of getting you some of the interesting recipe combinations that you would want in an energy drink below. Try it out and feel energized.

Energy Drink For Body Revitalization:

1. Ginger Energy Drink

This simple but effective energy drink can be soothing on your stomach. Ginger also takes care of the anti inflammatory needs of your body. To make one, just heat a small bowl of water. Now add 3 to 4 small cut slices of ginger into it. Let it boil and once boiled, let it steep. Drain the liquid and add a squish of fresh lemon juice into it. Add a pinch of salt to it and stir well. Let the mix cool and your very own ginger fix is ready. This is one of the most effective refreshing drinks that can be had in the mornings. In case the taste of ginger is unpleasant, you can add in a drop of honey to the mix too and drink it.

2. Lemon And Orange Drink

This drink is more of an electrolyte drink as both the fruits are rich sources of vitamin C. Further, they are good for your immune system and makes sure that your body s hydrated at all times. The recipe is also easy to make. Take half a cup of orange juice and add about two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into it. Once they are mixed well add in a pinch of salt and few drops of honey to reduce the sourness. Mix well and if needed, refrigerate for some time. Take it out later and have a refreshing energy drink that is simply elevating.

3. Coconut And Orange Energy Drink

This drink can be best described as a tropical drink as it can be had any time of the day and is refreshing always. Coconut water is a natural energy booster to your systems and together with the fiber rich orange can simply alleviate your mood to a different level. Take half a cup of coconut water and mix it with an equal proportion of fresh orange juice. You can choose to opt this by mixing it half cup of fresh milk too. Add a few banana pieces to the mix and refrigerate for some time. After some 20 minutes, your refreshing drink would be ready for consumption. You do not have to add any sweeteners to it as coconut water would be naturally sweet.

4. Mint And Berry Drink

This drink requires a blender but nevertheless, the drink is one of the most beneficial refreshment you can get for the whole day. Berries are naturally loaded with sugars and together with mint they can pump you up throughout the day. More importantly, the taste of mint will linger in your mouth throughout the day. Blend some handful of berries and a few mint leaves together with some water. Make the thickness as per your preference. Squish in some lemon juice into it, stir well and refrigerate. The drink is ready for your use now. Try it out twice a day. Avoid them during the nights.

5. Coconut And Watermelon Drink

Watermelon is loaded with anti oxidants and can be used in lieu of any energy boosters. It also has high proportions of water content and is the best to go fruit for body rehydration.  Take half a cup of fresh coconut water and half a cup of water melon juice and mix them together. Just for a taste add 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Mix well and drink it. This drink can be best had after a tiring work out session or after a long walk.



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