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Home remedy to prevent toilet infection

Do you ask yourself why you keep treating infection very month?
Do you treat your toilet as you treat yourself?
All you need is just one ingredient
Get some unripe lime
Extract the juice from the lime, put it in a spray bottle and use it same way you use germicide/disinfectant for your toilet.
And always remember to use it if a visitor uses your toilet.
Your children potty need it too.
Also, don’t forget to have it in a small bottle in your bag and always use it when you use other people’s toilet or a public toilet.
When washing your toilet sprinkle some salt or baking soda around your toilet bowl. Wear a cleaning gloves and using the flesh side of the half lime, scrub beneath the rim and the area where the water reaches and use the toilet brush to scrub thoroughly and deeper into the bowl.
Add baking soda to the lime to get effective White results.
Rinse by flushing the water.
But if you think already have an infection, please make sure you treat it thoroughly.

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