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Snoring is caused by vibrations caused by the passage of air over the soft tissue of the palate and the uvula.
Snoring is not usually considered a health problem and does not bother the person who snores.
Snoring can however be indicative of the presence of more serious problems like sleep apnea from which a good part of snorers would suffer.
The louder the snoring, the more likely it is to be accompanied by apnea.
Everyone can snore occasionally but if this problem is chronic, it can affect the quality and quantity of your sleep and affect your health (daytime tiredness, irritability, concentration problems, etc.)

Table of Contents


• 2 Green apples
• 2 Carrots
• 1 Lemon
• 1 slice of ginger


Start by cutting the carrots and apples into small pieces.
Then peel the ginger, squeeze the lemon juice, before putting all the ingredients in a blender.
After obtaining a homogeneous mixture you will only need to consume this drink every night before sleeping.
Some marriages are destroyed just because of the snoring.
Snoring is a big problem in our families.
NB: children can also use.

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