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A CONVULSION is the most serious symptom which can occur in childhood. It demands an immediate investigation as to its cause or origin. A complete and detailed description of the convulsion from the beginning to the end is the most useful aid in the attempt at localization and cause.
The classification of convulsions introduced in 1934 and subsequently revised, in 1946,has been a very useful working chart to indicate the most probable cause of the convulsion. An accurate family history, particularly of convulsive seizures, is invaluable in this study. While an electroencephalogram is not essential in most cases when the history is adequate, it is the greatest diagnostic aid in medicine.
 With this sensitive apparatus it is possible to discover a potential convulsive state before a seizure has occurred. It is also possible to evaluate the results of treatment and to determine the need

Get the followings ;

I bulb of onion.
1 bulb of garlic.
1 ginger, Palm oil.
Peel the ginger and garlic, slice the onions and blend all together.
Mix with palm oil very well.
Rub the Childs body with the mixture, concentrating on the face, hands,legs and the stomach areas.
You can give him a teaspoon to drink.
The convulsion will go

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