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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats and Mice

The presence of rats and mice can be understood by various signs. They often leave several droppings in the house. They even chew away on your boxes and clothes, or any edibles if left open. Therefore, it is crucial to identify these pests and drive them out. Read on to follow these few remedies that will teach you how to get rid of mice naturally.

1. Peppermint Oil

Rats dislike the smell of peppermint oil. We find the smell of peppermint refreshing but rats don’t – so use peppermint oil to drive them away from your home. Place peppermint oil- dipped cotton balls in front of several small openings in your home to keep rats at bay.

2. Plaster of Paris and Cocoa Powder

Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder also works to kill rats and mice. Mix 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder with plaster of Paris and sprinkle it around the standard trail for the rats and mice. As cocoa powder attracts these pests, they tend to eat this mixture and soon they feel dehydrated and suffocated. To save themselves, they rush out of homes and die.

3. Hot pepper flakes

Hot pepper flakes not only make humans sneeze but also keep rats and mice away. Sprinkle hot pepper along the doorways and other corners of your house to get rid of vermin’s.

4. Onions

Placing onions around small holes and openings while assuring that these bulbs are replaced every second day, can keeps rats away from your home. The pungent smell of onions will soon drive them away.

5. Garlic Bulb

As rats dislike strong smell, you must make complete use of this attribute of rats to drive them away. Mixing chopped garlic with water and sprinkling it around your home or even spreading garlic cloves in the pathway of their regular trail can drive them away.

6. Potato Powder

Using instant potato powder also works to drive rats and mice away. As you sprinkle this powder at home, rats and mice then go around, following the trail and feeding on this yummy treat. As the powder enters their body, those potato flakes then swell up within the intestine and kill them eventually.

7. Cloves

Wrap cloves in muslin cloths and place near rat holes. The smell of cloves will be enough to get rid of them from your home without much effort.

8. Ammonia Spray

Prepare an easy to use ammonia spray. Spray ammonia on small cotton balls and place them near rat holes, driveways, and other corner of your house. The smell of ammonia will make them feel suffocated and they will soon run away from your home in order to save their lives.

9. Bay_Leaves

The aroma of bay leaves attract rats and they tend to think it as their food. However, when try to feed upon it, they choke themselves, and eventually die. So, place some bay leaves around the corners of your house and kill these annoying pests.

10. Crevice_Control

Rats are relatively larger in size while mice can fit into crevices as small as an inch wide. Therefore, it is crucial to locate these small openings and seal them all. Leave no nook and cranny unsealed. Ascertaining that all crevices are blocked is a good way to prevent invasion.

11. Rattraps

An age-old method of getting rid of rats is placing rattraps in the house. Set up a trail for them keeping the baits and lead these pests right outside the home. Rat traps and mouse traps are quite effective ways to get absolutely rid of these pests.

12. Clear the Clutter

Pests, insects and bacteria are prone to be produced and are attracted to areas with dirt and dust. In storage areas or areas with a lot of luggage/boxes huddled up together, mice and rats are bound to sneak in and multiply steadily. Therefore, clear the clutter. Keep your house neat, clean and tidy, leaving no room for any kind of infestation.



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