Exploring the Benefits of SD-WAN Solutions for Businesses


SD-WAN uses a software overlay to improve WAN bandwidth utilization. This helps businesses prioritize application traffic for optimal performance.

Unlike traditional WANs, which require a secure line installed at each site, SD-WAN solutions use the public internet to connect sites. This can significantly lower costs and improve flexibility.

SD-WAN provides business benefits, including centralized management, improved security and better application performance.

Better Performance

Traditional wide-area networks (WANs) are expensive and time-consuming to implement and maintain. SD-WAN solutions allow you to connect branch offices more easily by leveraging existing internet broadband or wireless WAN links (like 5G).

One of the most significant benefits of SD-WAN is better performance for your business applications. SD-WAN allows your team to optimize and prioritize application traffic so it runs smoothly across the WAN. Additionally, some SD-WAN providers include features like application optimization, which can help your organization identify and optimize applications that are most sensitive to latency and packet loss.

This can also improve cloud performance by allowing your organization to break out IaaS and SaaS application traffic from your corporate network into its local internet connection in the branch office. This provides your users with more consistent and high-quality cloud performance and helps you keep your data secure. Ultimately, this can boost productivity and improve employee morale. Many vendors are starting to incorporate AI capabilities into their SD-WAN products, which can further enhance the performance and security of your WAN.

Increased Reliability

Businesses need to be able to connect to critical applications with consistent performance, regardless of the location. Advanced SD WAN solutions monitor and direct network traffic over the best path, delivering better QoE for SaaS, cloud and VoIP services. This enables employees to work from home, in public places or abroad on business trips without sacrificing productivity.

SD-WANs are more reliable than MPLS networks, which only have a single connection to each site and are expensive. They provide WAN simplification, bandwidth efficiency and a seamless on-ramp to the cloud with significant application performance improvements, especially for sensitive ones like video conferencing and VoIP, without adding additional hardware costs or requiring complex configurations.

When choosing an SD-WAN provider, make sure that you select one with centralized connectivity management and robust administration tools to monitor performance across multiple sites easily. Also, ensure that it uses secure end-to-end tunnels to prevent data leakage and minimize the threat of cyberattacks. Additionally, look for a vendor that offers an optional application optimization feature to reduce latency and packet loss, which can cause issues with critical apps.

Lower Costs

Businesses need cost-effective networking solutions, especially in today’s environment where downtime can impact reputation and bottom line. Unlike MPLS networks that require dedicated circuits between locations, SD-WAN solutions allow organizations to leverage their existing connections and use cheap, low-cost Internet bandwidth to connect their sites.

Using path selection and intelligent routing, an SD-WAN solution optimizes how and where data travels, eliminating configuration errors and reducing costs. Compared to MPLS, this solution can save up to 25% in total network costs.

Additionally, the ability to right-size WAN circuits at individual site locations can lead to additional hard savings for a business. Depending on the type of connection and the number of sites, this can substantially reduce monthly circuit costs. The same is often true of the cost of premium network services such as VPN, firewalls, and WAN optimization, which can all be integrated into an SD-WAN solution. These solutions are typically sold on a subscription basis and can be more cost-effective than paying for those services from multiple vendors.

Greater Flexibility

A business would want to invest in SD-WAN for many reasons. For example, this technology enables organizations to prioritize mission-critical apps and better utilize their existing Internet connections. It also gives remote and mobile employees a similar bandwidth experience to their colleagues at headquarters, enabling them to get work done faster.

An SD-WAN solution’s key feature is its hardware and software abstraction, allowing for centralized control and traffic management. Configuring network policies from a central location makes it easy for IT teams to manage and monitor WAN performance and improve network security.

Additionally, SD-WAN enables businesses to add new users and branches without disrupting the configuration of the infrastructure. This is important because it enables organizations to meet business growth goals while saving time and money. The centralized control function of an SD-WAN also ensures that applications are always routed over the best available network links, which can prevent outages and increase application performance. This is particularly important for companies that rely on cloud and SaaS solutions.

Greater Security

Regarding business data security, it’s not just about preventing breaches. It’s about ensuring that every device in the network has access only to those parts of the network that it needs. SD-WAN can help with this through micro-segmentation and security tools that monitor, control and organize data and application traffic across the WAN.

As digital transformation and migration to the cloud continue to introduce more variables into the enterprise network, SD-WAN solutions can simplify the management process through centralized control and visibility. This helps IT teams focus more on accelerating business growth and productivity while keeping security in mind.

As the world of work continues to evolve, businesses must keep pace with the changing ways we connect. That’s why deploying an SD-WAN is crucial for businesses. With its ability to offer an equal level of connectivity for remote and mobile workers, companies can ensure that their employees are always connected and working at peak performance levels. This will enable them to drive greater customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.



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