What electronic manufacturing company does?


Suppose it is to start talking about what an electronic manufacturing company does. In that case, we can say that it is one industry that is mostly in trend for those into the equipment manufacturing industries. There are some requirements related to the equipment making that one will only be able to achieve after outsourcing the project to an electronic manufacturing company. It is so as certain advancements are needed on the technical part when it comes to equipment manufacturing, and that can only be driven out of one such outsource.

How to summarize the workings of an electronic manufacturing company?

Well, to summarize or to put in short, simple words, the workings of an electronic manufacturing company include designing, testing, building, delivering, or providing aftermarket assistance for assembling the electronic equipment. If you get the types of equipment for your product designed by skilled professionals, this will give you an advantage over other competitors in the same business as you.

There is no specific set of services that one may get from electronic manufacturing companies. The services provided by most of them may differ depending on a lot of practical factors. But still, as per the demand of the topic here, we will discuss a general point of view regarding the services that are in general provided by these outsourcing companies.

The list of those services goes as follows

  • PCB Assembling
  • Cable Assembling
  • Design Contract
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Aftermarket services
  • Laser ID marking on PCBs
  • Conformal Coating
  • Design revision and repair upgrade
  • Burn-in and thermal cycling

What should one get out of electronic manufacturing services?

Your expectation as a client from an electronic manufacturing service should be the process of turning your product idea into a live product that you can release in the market for people to use. The company you are in talks with for this thing of getting types of equipment manufactured or for producing your product should have a team of well-skilled engineers in order to get the design done. If you are working on any product development, then looking after its design and layout is a very important aspect.

One needs to look into the material needed for the design, and also sometimes the product demands to be attractive for the buyers. So, the responsibility of designing it attractively also comes on the shoulders of the same team.

The product or equipment designing related services that are provided by an EMS or electronic manufacturing services are –

  • PCB design contract, be it digital or analog
  • PCB layout contract
  • Design assessment site assessment
  • 3D model setup and the enclosing design
  • Power circuit switching and drive
  • Analysis for DFX and DFM

Cable Assembly-

In some cases, the cable assembly or the mechanical assembly is also a thing provided by the electronic manufacturing company. So, a reputed company is always good at providing tough and reliable cables for mining, medical, instrumentation, and also other fields. It is not just about the cables there are other products also which are provided.

The list for those other products goes as follows-

  • Harnesses
  • Control panels/ boxes
  • Mechanical subassemblies
  • Panel wiring

For this cable assembling thing, one should keep in mind that this process of manufacturing should be done with hand soldering. So, the company you put your trust in there, the team should be skilled and certified for doing this.

Electromechanical Assembling-

In this case, the services refer to the box builds products. These products are mainly made out of steel, aluminum, and also plastic.

In some cases, one may also get some additional services like-

  • Customized packing for delivery
  • Functional Testing
  • Managing the process of configuring
  • Encapsulation
  • 3-D modeling

Testing- Once everything is set and done, then comes to the procedure for checking includes the following services-

  • Flying probe testing
  • In-circuit testing
  • Burn-in testing
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Another functional testing

Prototyping – This will include the following-

  • Check for faults in design– The service-providing company has to be good at checking the design for any human-made error. Further, one should recommend the required changes before releasing the final design.
  • Product Stability– Next, the product should be kept on this check. The product should be given a check for temperature variation, power variation, and shock resistance.
  • Budget Protection– Anything redoing can really be a costly affair, so before putting anything for bulk production, it is very much necessary to be satisfied from all aspects.
  • Production Confirmation- The final design and packing again would be as per the PCB design and sizing, so through prototyping, you will be able to get these attributes solidified.
  • Inspection of product characteristics- In order to get the product working properly in the practical world, it is necessary for the theory to be right in place. Through the prototypes, you can check on this and keep it fixed.
  • Aftermarket services- The electronic manufacturing company also provides certain aftermarket services.

The list of those services goes as follows-

  • Calibration
  • Refurbishing
  • Remanufacturing
  • There is also automated system simulation
  • Burn–in
  • Component troubleshooting
  • Electrical and electrochemical

The electronic manufacturing company should be paying all the attention to the choice of the vendor. The company should be able to understand the project and also the goals which are to be achieved. The company should also be very focused on cutting down the shipping and the transportation cost. This is one of the main reasons for which people nowadays prefer outsourcing their production and manufacturing as this way they are able to cut down a lot of costs.


So, this is all that the electronic manufacturing company does. Everything is well discussed here in the guide. Reading it will surely help whoever is looking for answers. All the services that a good electrical manufacturing company provides have been covered in detail. So maybe now, after going through it, all people will be able to understand better what an electrical manufacturing company does.


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