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Recipe For Avocado Seed Tea

Avocado and its fan-following in the world of health and nutrition is getting bigger by the day. The superfood is also often dubbed as the ‘olive oil of the Americas’, as it is so nutrient-dense. Pulpy and buttery, avocado is not only a treasure trove of health benefits but also a super versatile fruit.
You can use it to make guacamole, hummus, rolls, curry, smoothies and salads. Some people are also using avocados to make tea and it is nothing like anything you have had before.
Never throw away your Avocado seeds any more
The seed contains more than 75% the benefits derived from eating the flesh alone. It is a concentration super house of nutrients.
  • It stabilizes blood sugar
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lowers bad cholesterol levels
  • Relieves stomach pains and troubles
  • Releases body tension to aid sleep
  • Boosts body immune system and so much more.

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