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Some Best Habits Necessary For Boosting Digestion

Its essential to maintain healthy  heart, brain, lungs and digestive system always for living disease free life.  We often ignore digestive health but caring for it from early age may benefit stomach in old age. Old age and habits like irregular eating hours, improper diet affects overall health of digestive system.  An healthy digestive system is necessary to contain in constipation, inflammatory bowel syndrome and indigestion which may affect heart, lungs and diabetes in long run. It is important to inculcate healthy eating habits for strengthening digestion for life.

Here Are Some Best Habits Necessary For Boosting Digestion:

1. Consuming Fiber Rich Food

A good digestive system needs health beneficial fibers in diet. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, peas and lentils are potent source of fiber.Fibers have proven its credibility and importance in smoothing digestive system. All fiber rich foods play crucial role in constipation,  stomach cramp reduction, good bacteria production  and digestion booster. When incorporated in diet, its proven beneficial in overcoming irritable bowel syndrome. These food are must for everyone regardless of age.

2. Drinking Fluid Regularly

Body needs good balance between fluid and food for attaining best digestion. Fluid improves and sustains optimum organ and skin hydration. Its best to eat more soup, tea for  digestion enhancement and manage good digestive health. Water is most important fluid needed by body to improve fiber absorption, soften roughage and ease bowel movement. One should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

3. Eating Food Slowly

We live in hectic times where we tend to eat food in hurry. This habit can affect digestive health in long run making one prone to stomach ailments.  Food should be eaten slowly and chewed properly as it reduces stomach’s air gulping and bloating. This  also improves digestive system by slowing down digestion  and easing stomach’s bowel movement. An effort has to be made to eat food leisurely without any hassle.

4. Including Probiotic Enriched Food

There are good and bad forms of bacteria. Good bacteria is healthy for stomach where as bad bacteria harms digestive system. Our digestive system needs good bacteria to optimize gut health functions. Probiotic foods ideally hold essential gut healing bacteria.  Good Bacteria in probiotics are same or similar to ones present in digestive tract. New research has thrown light on  good bacteria’s role in imitating weight loss, reducing constipation, bowel inflammation, enhancing digestion and overall immunity. Its best to eat probiotic enabled yogurt, milk and kimchi to maintain bacteria level in digestive tract.

5. Eliminating Fatty Food

We all desire to eat  tasteful and appealing food  taste. It may be enriched in taste but its capable of weakening and digestive system. Good digestive system needs more nutrients and less salt and oil in in diet. Its universally known fact  that fatty and oily food are responsible for weight gain, heartburn, acidity and other stomach ailments. Our body can’t digest fatty food easily giving feeling of uneasiness and fullness in stomach.  Its best to eat more low fat, fiber rich food and lean meat in daily diet.

6. Taking Smaller Meals

When one does not eat on time more than often one  tends to overeat. Hung. Body needs food every 4 hours to maintain energy and vigor. Its good to eat 5-6 smaller meals rather than 3 full meals for enabling digestion and imparting healthier digestive system. This is also beneficial in lowering constipation, common phenomenon in over consumption of food. Breakfast followed by small mid day meal and lunch strengthens digestive system giving long life.

Good health is only wealth one needs to live happy life. Food has been basis of life and eating right, avoiding stress and exercising regularly are few steps which prove crucial in meeting this need. These habits are must for every age.  If we eat right today its benefits and impacts will be reaped in old age.


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