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And it will manifest in the future as a mental health issue like lack of confidence, low self-esteem, low intelligence (and poor academic performance), bad relationship with food (causing craving junk foods, or over-eating or hate eating, etc) and so on. But, people won’t know force-feeding was the root cause!

2: Force feeding causes a wide range of infections.

Due to poor hygiene, aspiration, and food going to the wrong places, infections usually sets in; yet most mothers will not know it’s caused by force feeding! Diarrhea, vomiting, cough, catarrh, fever, eye pain (and redness), etc. are some symptoms the poor baby may develop.

3: Force feeding traumatizes and kills.

I have seen broken leg bones from the way the mother squeezed the baby’s legs in-between her laps. I have seen babies die from suffocation.


Every normal, healthy baby have good appetite  and will eat. Stop calling your kids “stubborn”!
The child is not stubborn. If a child refuses to it, there’s a reason.
The child is:
1) Not hungry
2) Doesn’t like the food.
3) Is sick (and has low appetite).
4) Doesn’t like the way you feed him/her.
Find the cause. Fix it. Or see your doctor to help you find and fix the problem.
Babies like and need sweet and delicious foods. Do you know how sweet breast milk is? Why will you give pap without sugar and milk?
You can use a new, big injection syringe (without the needle) to feed your child. Or a clean teaspoon and small cup. Your hand is dirty.

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