9 Alarming Signs You Need Physical Therapy

Do you work long hours sitting and experience back pain? Or do you face uncontrolled urination? Or have you suffered a sports injury that has challenged your mobility?

If you said “Yes” to any of these, let us tell you that you can tackle these problems with physical therapy.

Currently, most orthopedics recommend physical therapy, especially for a complete recovery. But the value of physical therapy is not just after surgery. You can also visit a physical therapist to treat your muscle pain and other disorders.

This article will share with you the signs you may need physical therapy!

1. Sports Injuries

Since athletes are subject to regular movements and injuries, they have a permanent physiotherapist who creates a preventive and recovery-based exercise regimen. It helps to improve their health and avoid injuries in certain conditions. 

Moreover, after certain surgeries, they must follow recovery-based exercise techniques and preventive techniques to avoid further injuries. And you must do it under the supervision of a sports physiotherapist.

Further, there are many sports physiotherapists across Massachusetts, Alaska, New York, California, and other states of the USA.

For instance, if you are an athlete looking for sports physical therapy in Acton, Massachusetts, you can connect with Perfect Motion Sports Therapy, which specializes in it.

2. Constant Imbalance

Have you ever felt completely out of balance while walking? Problems in balance usually occur because of internal ear issues. 

The inner ear has multiple parts that play an essential role in keeping the body balanced and preventing problems like vertigo, dizziness, and imbalance. 

To avoid such issues, you can contact a physical therapist who might provide customized physiotherapy treatment for your symptoms. They will assess the problem and create a treatment plan that includes exercises for your eye, neck, and head. 

3. Pain While Sitting

Have you ever wondered why you did not have back pain when you sat for hours in classrooms but now you do? It’s not just aging. 

Multiple symptoms can present themselves, such as headaches and back pain, when sitting for a long time because of poor bone strength, nervous disorders, and age. 

Instead of treating yourself with pain relief medications, you can visit a physiotherapist to understand more about the issue. The treatment plan starts with changing your desk position to prevent the problem and exercises to cure the pain. 

4. Neurological Disorder

A stroke or other neurological disorder might require extensive physical therapy to improve mobility and flexibility. 

A physiotherapist will offer suggestions, including the exercises and support you need. They will analyze your physical condition and suggest activities based on your strength and mobility. 

You can also research natural treatments for stroke along with the exercises suggested by your physiotherapist for faster relief.

5. Mobility Issues

Sometimes if you have been immobile for a long time after surgery or if you have a sedentary lifestyle, your flexibility and mobility decline. 

If you have developed such issues, immediately consult a physiotherapist. They will teach you stretching exercises that will improve the health of your tissues and relax your muscles for flexibility. 

6. Uncontrolled Urination

Generally, pregnant women face uncontrolled urination. However, it is one of the signs you may be in need of physical therapy.

Your doctors might have suggested Kegel exercises with other pelvic floor exercises to improve your condition. 

Further, most doctors will redirect you toward a physical therapist to learn these exercises. It’s not just for women after pregnancy; everyone should practice these to improve the strength of their pelvic muscles.

7. Recurring Pain

If you have suffered any form of injury, having a high pain level is expected for a few months before it heals completely. If the injured area has not been used for a long time, the chances of developing recurring pain become high. 

If such is the case, physiotherapy is your haven. Consulting a certified physiotherapist will allow you to detect the problem early and plan a rehabilitation program that includes targeted exercises, rest, and nutritional maintenance. 

The pain might be immediately present or might occur after some time. Therefore, you can apply physiotherapy after any major surgery, especially when you have a fracture or ligament repair.

8. If Medication Is Failing

Your pain medications might not work all the time. If they are failing, it is a sign you may be in need of physical therapy.

Extreme pain relief is not possible with severe injuries. Even after surgery, you might face pain that medications cannot cure. 

Instead of living through it, you can contact a physical therapist to relieve the pain through natural exercises and dietary habits instead of using medication.

9. Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread disease caused by certain lifestyle conditions. While exercise plays a vital role in controlling diabetes, it’s not the complete solution. 

You need to know everything about diabetes if you want to manage it well.

If you have diabetes, you understand the sensations of having high blood sugar levels and the effects it has on your body. Regular exercise and medication can keep your sugar levels under check. 

Additionally, visiting a physiotherapist will allow you to follow a proper exercise regimen and give you exercises that will improve the sensation in your legs.

Why Is Physical Therapy a Better Option?

Do you know that nearly 20 to 30 percent of people avoid taking proper medication?

Naturally, people have an aversion to consuming chemical and unnatural items, including tablets. So if you are looking for a natural way to relieve your pain and other health issues, then physiotherapy is a suitable option. 

The physical therapy technique is organic and improves your complete body mobility and the targeted region. A physiotherapist understands your pain and can offer effective treatment options. 


These are the nine signs that you need physical therapy. So, if you experience any one of them, then it’s time to explore physical therapy. 

Visiting a physiotherapist is a budget-friendly and chemical-free option. And you have nothing to lose in their treatment. Remember, physical therapy should never be considered the replacement of medications. 

Most doctors today have a favorable opinion about physical therapy. Hence, you can consult with your doctor to contact a suitable physiotherapist.


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