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Hydration is the process of replacing water in the body. This can be done through drinking water, eating ice chips, eating foods that have high water content, drinking other fluids or an intravenous or IV line. Being dehydrated is when your body is lacking the water levels necessary to function optimally.

In chemistry, a hydration reaction is a chemical reaction in which a substance combines with water. In organic chemistry, water is added to an unsaturated substrate, which is usually an alkene or an alkyne. This type of reaction is employed industrially to produce ethanol, isopropanol, and butan-2-ol.

To achieve this their are foods/fruits we can take. They include;


The perfect summertime fruit IMHO – watermelon’s sweet, refreshing, and made up of 92% water. Try it in the recipes below, or eat it by the slice and go ahead and let the juiciness drip all over you.


I think of grapefruit as the ultimate dieter’s food, and while the claim that you actually burn calories eating it is a myth, it is pretty darn close to being calorie-free. Thankfully, it’s still full of deliciousness, and I love the tart sweetness that grapefruit brings to desserts, salads, or eaten straight up with a tiny sprinkle of sugar.


Cucumber is the Beyonce (aka queen) of hydrating foods, with 96% water content! They’re also packed with vitamin C (hence why they’re so great for soothing puffy eyes!)


This juicy fruit is made up of 87% water and boasts major digestive and immunity-boosting benefits. Plus, one bite makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacay.


Thank goodness for sweet summer strawberries — even on their own they taste like a treat, and with a 92% water content, they’ll flood your skin and body with major hydration.


Grilled, sautéed, or zoodled, there’s no wrong way to cook a zucchini in the summertime. And with 94% water content, they’re super hydrating and you can eat them by the cup guilt-free. We have so many great zucchini recipes on the site, but I narrowed down a few of my faves.


For dieters, celery is famous for being practically “free” of calories… thanks to all that water. Little known fact: it’s also packed with natural salts to help replenish magnesium levels.


Since cauliflower is filling and hearty, especially when roasted, I was shocked to discover that it’s actually 91% water! Packed full of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fiber, and omega-3’s, it’s one of the most nutrient-dense hydrating foods out there.


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